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 arm and shoulder pain?
for a couple of months ive had shoulder blade pain ( feels like a stabbing pain) doesnt last for long, then goes away and just leaves dull ache, and about once a week ive been getting like a really ...

 Are there nerve endings inside us?..If not, how do we feel internal pain?

 get a headache from thinking?
can alot of thinking for studies and hw and etc. cause headaches? and is it possible that if ur getting headache from thinking mean that your brain is expanding or getting stronger? like muscles ...

 Painful shoulder to eblow... i have a sharp pain from my shoulder to my elbow, all down my arm.?
My arm all of a sudden got this sharp pain from my shoulder to my elbow. I did nothing to aggravate it, it just started being sore for no reason. i cant move my arm up or forward only backwards. it ...

 How to sleep when suffering from the pain of an injury?
Yesterday, I 'mashed' my finger in a sewing machine when it got jammed and now it has six stitches and is wrapped up. All the anesthetic has worn off and the pain is tremendous. Can ...

 Why is it extremely painful to even touch the skin on my legs.?
I have shooting pains in my legs when I lay in bed at night and have severe cramping day or night. My left leg below my knee feels like pressure coming from inside. They both swell during the day ...

 My feet hurt very bad. Feels like theres a needle going from my heel to my knee cap?
I also have some little red dots on my big ...

 salt water not hurting my eyes?
i was at the beach the other day and my brother was swimming very comfortably but my eyes hurt a lot from the water, is there any way of making my eyes not hurt in salt water but i dont have 2 wear ...

 i have taken panadene forte today for a migraine, my sinuses are blocked, is it OK to take phenergan?
i have ...

 Flying with a Back condition (disc protrusions) left sided sciatica?
For the last 5 months i have been dealing with two disc protrusions in my L45 and L5S1 discs and it has got to the point where doing physical therapy is no longer possible and a surgical procedure is ...

 My bf, has been having knee pain for quite sometime now! He says surgery and I say No! Now what?
After he worked out, the pain started! Been like that for about 2yrs now! He went to doctors and he got pills, taken therapy and other stuff! The thing with him is that he doesnt follow through, so ...

 It feels like someone is punching me in the back and reaching out through the front of my chest..?
It's been going on for a year or two but happened very rarely until recently. I get this pain in the middle of my upper back and it shoots right through the front of my chest.Yesterday I was ...

 It's not the first time that this has happenened. This sharp pressure, or should I say pain, on the?
front left side of my brain, right when I wake up from a heavy dream. By heavy, I mean, either stressful or very scary, vivid (almost like I'm there physically) dream. I'm wondering if this ...

 Shooting pain in the left side of my chest?
Well yesterday i was walking alot and i noticed a pain in my ribs but i thought that maybe it was just air.But today i woke up and i keep getting this shooting pain in the left side above my breast ...

 I get a Minor pain in my Calf?
I get a small pain in my calf whenever I start to run. After 15 mins it starts to go but it is really annoying. How do i treat it?...

 Please tell me how many goes for a lumbar puncture my wife has approx 40 holes in her back and no result?
My wife had to have a Lumbar Puncture and the guy could not get any fluid, i counted 40 odd holes in her back and apparently the guy only stoppped because a nurse came along and told him to stop. S...

 sharp pain in chest which follows through to my throat and bottom teeth?? ?
So when I've been out running recently after a few minutes I start to get this really painful feeling in my chest which smoothly goes up into my throat and through my throat to my bottom teeth?! ...

 Is percocet 10's with 625 strong?
Is Percocet 10's with 650 strong? sorry it is 650 not 625 sorry it is 650 not 625...

 i don't know if anyone can help i've been feeling funny for a month, like dizzy, feet feeling numb and hands?
headaches and getting tried as well. i had my thyroid hormone checked it was 1.39 then they checked again 2 weeks it dropped 0.79 they say it's still normal....

 Pinched nerve??
My physio said I have a pinched nerve- both legs, from my thighs right thru my bum and up to my back. My legs go numb and i get pins and needles. My physio told me just to wear bare feet as ...

How can I tell if my ankle is broken or sprained?
I fell on my ankle the wrong way and it is really pretty swollen. I had to work on it all night up on my feet and I was limping and it had a lot of sharp pain if I had to put weight o n it. I dont want to go to the doctor if it is just sprained... waste of money as I already have a brace. But i dont know what the difference in the symptoms would be between a sprain and a brake.

When broken it would not be swollen. Although you might have pull muscles and nerves...You should get an x-ray to be on the safe side, and not to suffer more later on.

dibzz d
You can't tell by symptoms if it's sprained or broken (unless there's a jagged end of bone sticking out of the skin :P ) . Only way to know for sure is x-rays. Of course if it's a severe break you probably wouldn't have been able to stand on it, but a fracture... you never know. I've had sprains that hurt worse than a break also! You've already went one night and I'm guessing you're doing advil or tylenol already. Ice for 20 minutes on, 20 off, ace bandage, but not so tight that it impedes circulation. Assuming you are an adult with no drug allergies or sensitivities to advil you can do 800mg (4 regular OTC tablets) every 4 hours, not to exceed 3200 mg per day (4 maximum doses). Advil is an anti-inflammatory where Tylenol is an analgesic. You need the anti-inflammatory more right now. Take it with food as it can cause stomach upset. Try to keep your ankle elevated as much as possible, preferably above the level of your heart. It ~probably~ wouldn't hurt to wear the ankle brace you have if you have to be up on it. Watch for hot red areas as this can be the symptom of a blood clot (life threatening). But otherwise, you can probably wait for the doc's first available appointment rather than run off to the ER. But... I had a great great aunt die from a sprained ankle. She and my great grandmother were walking to school, she twisted her ankle and made my g-grandmother promise not to tell because she knew they couldn't really afford the doctor. She got home that evening, felt sick, laid down and died shortly thereafter, gangrene.

Sorry to burst Curious10106's bubble...and everyone else's, but you can have a fracture and still have a mobile ankle. You can also have a fracture without bruising...but almost always swelling. Most people think of a fracture as a complete break of the bone...but there are incomplete fractures (self-explanatory) and avulsion fractures (where a tendon pops off the bone and takes a small piece of bone with it), as well as occult fractures. The only way to tell for sure is with an x-ray. Believe me...if you DO have a broken ankle, and don't get treated, it will heal incorrectly and you'll have problems for the rest of your life. Worst case scenario, you'll have to have the bone re-broken to have it set properly. Be safe...go to the doctor. Best of luck and happy healing!

Yes, if it were broken, you most likely wouldn't have been able to walk on it all night. Best to get it checked out by a doc, but you can alternate hot and cold compresses to help the sweeling and take some ibuprofren or tylenol for the pain. And stay off of it!!!! You don't want to hurt yourself any further! Hope this helps! :-)

John H
You should go to a doc to make sure, but when I sprained my ankle, I heard it pop (doesn't always make that noise when you sprain it) and then it hurt really bad putting the least little bit of weight on it. It swelled up really big, turned black and blue and all. The cheap thing to do and just as effective is to go to a podiatrist to get an x-ray rather than the emergency room like I sadly did and wasted $$$$. But get it checked out to be sure, because if something is broken and it heals up that way, it will really hurt for possibly ever. Good luck! :)

if its broken...u wouldnt be able to move it. if its sprained u CAN move it..its just PAINFUL! good luck and hope u feel better hun! (and yes...i agree with Charlie's angel..... JUST to be on the safe side, go have it checked out by a doctor)

charlie's angel
be safe. go to the emergency room.

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