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 what is the best thing to do if you are being attacked by an alligator?
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 why do we jump?

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†Poison Girl†
does it mean anything when you dream the same thing almost every night?

maybe your dream is trying to tell you something. but. if its like a bad dream and you can`t stand it, go to a doctor... :)

i have the same dream every night,guess its yer subconscious trying to say something!

Its a sign that whatever the theme or meaning of the recuring dream is, you need to get over or do what the dream means. Remember dreams are abstract if theres death or violence in the dream it means something negative needsto die between you and another person. I f oyu had a narguement with someone or if oyu have a dispute then the violence means you need ot let any anger or resentment go. If you are being chased or are falling in your dream you need to confront your a fear.

no you just need to think of something else. dreams are just thoughts you have when your a sleep and you cant control what you think at that time.

Possibly, the universe is trying to give you a message. Well it depends what the dream is though. Does it relate to your life in anyway? Is it telling you to change something? or is it something totally out of the blue? Ask yourself some questions and you will know for sure what it's all about.

Sometimes dreams are just things that we think about often and is on our mind when we go to sleep, this sometimes instigates the dream.

Anyhow, hope it was a nice dream. Sweet dreams. *hugs*

Your dream is trying to tell you something important,a message

yes it does.if is a bad dream u should see a docter for this cuz u ment get a little bit carzy cuz i use to have bad dreams n i got crazy.so go to a doctor

yes, it is a strong message. retrospectively it is easy to understand, but not always on the spot. if it is a late dream before you get up, normally it works through symbols or images and they are easy to understand, (for example, if you dream your car can not move, it means you are stopped by something in your life) , if it is in-the-night dream, it works sometimes through rebus, and the pronunciation (what you hear or say in the dream) is important. You can buy books about it. Sorry I do not have any reference to communicate to you. Freud was very good at dream analysis and wrote a book about his own dreams and explained them.

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