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 why dont doctors know alot about adult itp?
bleeding ...

 how fast does it take for aids to get around the whole body?
i mean in the movies when a zombie bites the hand of a person the cut the hand off strait away and they dont turn in to one!, who thinks it would be the same for HIV? i mean if just one drop of blood ...

 Can you tel me what low hypothyroidism mean?

 when was first british heart bypass surgery performed?

 is anybody out there with painful arthritis im 37 and fed up?

 has anyone had a family member go into holme towersin penarth if so what`s it like?
my mother is possibly to go in soon, as she is terminally ill, i just wanted to prepare myself as it sounds awful....

 what is septicema is it a blood poision ??

 where can i find information on scaws disease i am not sure if it is spelled corectly?

 Anyone out there caring for a person with BALLISM?
Ballism is a neurological condtion which adversely effects the control of movement - similar to P...

 how many people are with hiv/aids?

 Is there a link between trigger finger(s) and Raynaud's condition?
I have got both and I'd like to know more about a possible connection....

 i also accepted jesus in my life and god about 7 years ago.?
i dont mean this bad everyone to there own believes but they also/professors that if i were to try to carry child it would crush my heart and my lungs would have no oxygen to keep my baby alive,but ...

 what are the harmful effects that volcanoes have on the environment?

 Can anyone help me with Polymorphic Light Eruption?
My friend has this skin complant. Which is a red and itchy rash. She has tried all the usual things creams and keeping out of the sun as much as she can. Does anyone have any home remodies that ...

 does anyone have the instructions for bazuka gel?
i dont have the instructions, ...

 Hashimoto thyrodism?
At the begining of the year I was diagnoised with Hashimoto thyroidism, and to go with it found out I had thyroid Cancer. I have now finished my treatment, and have stated to notice more that my ...

 thyroid problem?
ive just been sent an urgent hospital app because a scan showed half my thyroid is larger does anyone know what this ...

how do they work in healing ulcers and pressure ...

 recent i have noticed i have brown spots under my feet is it normal and what causes them?
the brown abit round looking spots are all over ander my feet and they are quite ...

 i have a disabled sister,cnt walk and has no speech.So am wondering if she can get an operation ?
she is 10 now and fully dependent,cnt do anything on her on,we dnt know wat really affected her.Maybe those in the medical side can help me,especially those in America and e UK....

is MS a diesease that will cause you to die early or can it be controlled by drugs?
I have a relative that might have it and was wondering the affects it has on normal day to day life, I feel the more I know about the disease the more i can help them!!!

Unfortunately, the symptoms, including death, of MS depend on where in the brain it attakcks. if it hits the respiratory centers, then the person struggles for breath. In med school, we learned that most people with MS die from that complication. I don't know how the drugs work for it, but I do know that there is no cure. Regrets

Ravi S
There are any number of medical sites on Internet to help you. Try <www.WebMd.com> and look for Nervous system disease and Multiple sclerosis(MS). MS has a variable course in different people. It is not possible to answer with meager information provided. One may die early, but usually people live long enough, but may be significantly handicapped. There are medications which help and modify disease process. But,there is no permanent cure

My mother has MS. She takes Betaseron and its great she has had Ms for about 13 years and she can still walk and get around good she doesn't need a cane or walker!!! The Disease is not curable but it is manageable... Here is some info on MS and Betaseron Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that attacks the central nervous system—the brain and the spinal cord. Depending on which nerves are damaged, people with MS may experience problems with balance, muscle coordination, vision, speech, thinking, or other physical and mental abilities. Check out the website below it has some helpful info about the medicine, types of ms, and other stuff.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where your own body's immune system attacks the nervous system. This is a progressive disease (meaning slowly developing) that currently has no cure. The disease is has very variable development and effects. It is progressive for a period of 20 years or more. In the website below there is a list of symptoms someone may experience, though bear in mind it is normally a very gradual process so people will be able to learn strategies to deal with these effects. In short, the disease does not usually shorten a person's life. It cannot be cured, but there are some treatments that may slow the progression of the disease. The day to day effects are the symptoms listed in the site below, under "Symptoms".

I don't know a massive amount about it but my mum has been living with it for years. In one word the answer is no, its not life threatening, but it can take many different forms with different people. My mum has been diagnosed for around 15 years and thankfully hasn't suffered too badly... a few headaches now and then, and sometimes a bit of dizziness. The MS society website has a huge amount of info. on it with some amazing results of different things people have tried. My mum got on very well with a low fat diet for a while after a mild attack. She's also tried hyperbaric treatment which works well too I think. Theres alot of amazing recovery stories out there so hopefully your family member will be able to find something to help them control it without too much life changing. I'm sure there's alot of people with alot of info out there, all the best.

I think it depends on how young or old the person is when it starts. For instance, did you know Montel Willisms has it? All is not lost.... but Id surely do research on it to do everything possible "right".... my cousin was recently diagnosed, like last week.

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