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ok i really want to lose alot fat how do i do that?
im tired of being fat help

you need to do this the right way by loosing weight slowly. I am battleing weight myself. So far I have lost 10 pounds. You can do this by joining Weight Watchers and Exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Several years ago . . . no, quite a few years ago now . . . I joined Overeaters Anonymous and lost a total of about 140 pounds, which tells you something about where I was to start! It is a program like Alcoholics Anonymous, with the same 12 steps and the same concept of approaching control over compulsive behavior one day at a time. It's not so easy with compulsive overeating as with alcohol, since an alcoholic can always give up booze altogether, while we fatties cannot give up eating altogether, at least not for very long. So the focus is on having a plan for an abstinent diet every day, and eating no more than the plan. Since most of us know what is or is not good for us, and we can get nutritional information on the packaging of prepared foods, in cookbooks, and in pamphlets from fast-food restaurants, it's not about "diet tips," and that sort of thing. You get a sponsor, and you tell your sponsor your plan the night before or in the morning, and then you stick to it. It does involve going to meetings, however, which can be a problem for some people. One lady came to our meeting who weighed 450 lbs., and got real applause for having gotten out of bed, into the car, and to the meeting. She had to brace herself on a chair back to stand up, but she spoke to us of her struggle, and we were inspired. Morbid obesity can kill. I wonder sometimes whether I am on a death trip lately. Well, one day at a time.

Prabdeep K
yo dude exercise nd eat healthy foods not juck nd i mean exercise daily not just once a month

run one hour in the morning run one hour at night and do weight training every other day for 45 minutes remember to stretch and cut out all sugars and fatty foods

do not pretend that you can not see all the sites and recommendations every day and night are provided to viewers like you. so get on with the job of losing weight now!

Exercise. Eat healthy. It's not that complicated. What's hard is creating a new lifestyle for yourself, which you can keep doing and won't relapse into old habits. Take a walk every morning. (Or evening.) Drink water instead of soda or other beverages. Cut back on your portion size. Try going to a gym or getting some regular exercise. And be patient. You didn't get fat overnight. You aren't going to become thin overnight either.

Diet and excercise. I suggest joining a gym or doing some sort of regular excercise routine in the morning. Also, eat less junk food.

Go on either the zone diet or the south beach diet and do wieght training pilates and cardio. This really works too i tried it and it worked.

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