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 where can i purchase the EPH200 capsules. i live in malaysia.?

 will i die without eating? only drinking water?

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well im 17 already.... tats so not good so i just hope tat i'll grow taller (5cms) in oder 2 achieve good ...

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and how much have you lost? Looking into joining need opinions from people who have used them.......

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How many sit ups a day should i do before i start to loss weight?...

 Have you lost 30lbs or more? How'd you do it?

 what kind of exercises will make you lean instead of bulking you up?

 anyone know of a good diet I could go on to loose a lot of weight not a dew pounds?
I really need to loose quite a bit of weight and wanted to know if anyone knew of any good diets I could try....

 Do you know how affective the Ab Lounge is?
I am thinking of buying one. But I never usually trust television products. This will be my first time ordering off the t.v....

 How can I lose weight around my midsection without having to do too many up and down motion, I have vertigo.?

 how to increase weight?

 what is the quickest way to gain muscle in your arms?
I've tried different techniqes but none have shown to take less tahn 6 months....

 is it possible for a strong twelve year old girl to be stronger than a small weak adult man?
If she were athletic and he was able bodied, could she be stronger and able to win at wrestling etc??...

 What is the advantage of a food pyramid where one size does not fit all?

 How long does swelling in the face go down after being bulimic?

 I am looking for a front and rear basic human muscle diagram that I can use for youth athletes. Thanks?

 Looking for fun muscle facts that I can use to tell youth athletes.?
How many muscles it takes to smile and frown. Biggest muscle Stuff like that. T...

 i'm a belly-dance teacher, how many crunches should i make my girl students do daily?
right now i make them do 200/day, but they dont seem tired, achey, or burned..>????...

 to get this clear, it's better to eat less or hardly at night and eat heavy during lunch and afternoon?

how much water does the human body need to function daily?

About a gallon

An estimated 60% of total body weight is water. Water helps to maintain body temperature and allows for over 50% of all chemical reactions to occur in the body. It is also responsible for the movement of nutrients, digestion, absorption, circulation, and the excreation of wastes. The urinary system trys to keep a balance by only outputting what is imput. At 2% dehydration, the body's work capacity decreses by 12 to 15%. Body temperature and heart rate increases during periods of dehydration. Thirst sensation kicks in. women over 115 Lbs at least 64 oz a day.

Brzo Biciklo
It's best to drink 2 liters a day. Juice or anything else does not count - just water.

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