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 the right food to eat?
i just tested my blood glucose and it was 6.5 ,it is now 1.32 in the morning in the uk .is that ok ,and please could you tell me the right foods to eat ,i do eat porrige and lots of fruit ,not grapes ...

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bitter sweet
is a blood sugar level of 6.5 something to worry about?
this is with having no food or drink for 12 hours

Can you help me with my question? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgHK7lPKGiSlmFq91mpbY3_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090327150152AAo1htZ

jackie m
Dr Franks about right - are you 100% sure you had nothing for 12 hours, including tea or coffee?. When I got my GTT done first blood test on an empty stomach was 6 and drank the lucozade and waited 2 hours for next blood test which was 12, was told it was slightly high and was type 2 diet controlled, blood tests since then and liver and kidney and cholesterol checks have all came back very good, I was also having under active thyroid check out at the same time and now take thyroxin daily.

Are you a diabetic? If so if you haven't eaten for 12 hours you are playing a dangerous game! However a bloody sugar level of 6.5 is perfectly normal. You should be monitoring your blood sugar very regularly. Hope this helps.

Dr Frank
It is a little high for a fasted level. Your GP may well want to proceed to a GTT ( glucose tolerance test) or a modified GTT. An initial blood sample will be taken to check the level of blood sugar, which will be the lowest value after fasting overnight, You will then be asked to drink a standard amount of glucose (75 grams), dissolved in the water, sometimes a small bottle of Lucozade is used instead as this is more palatable. Blood is then taken at 30 minute intervals for 2 hours. In the modified test blood is only taken fasted and 2 hours after the glucose.

If you are a diabetic then it would be ok. If not then you may need to go to the doctor and have a test for diabetes and a glucose tolerance test. These will check if you have diabetes. If you are a diabetic then it it a little bit high but nothing to worry about. I would be very happy if my sugar was consistently 6.5. Mine goes up to 14 and then down to 3 so it varies a lot. If you are worried go and see the doctor as they are the only ones that can put your mind at rest.

6.5? yeah that is a bad thing. I mean I dont know where you are from but the meters in the u.s I know a normal blodd sugar level reads out as anywhere between 70- 180. 6.5 would be like death. Are you talking about A1C levels?

It's high enough to modify your life style and 90 days later take another test to see how much control you have over your health. I recommend a complete physical with blood work. 1. You will have baseline on your overall health 2. You can verify diabetes or not. 3. With your doctor you can established corrective path either way. Best Wishes

If this is your fasting blood sugar results then it it outside of normal range and is known as prediabetes. Normal fasting blood sugar is 3.9 to 5.6 mmol/l. Your Dr will likely want to repeat the test.

hi there that isnt toobad just keep your eye on anything between 5 and 7 isn t too bad.

Ted J
yes, watch the sugar.

It should be between 5 & 9 try not to let it get too low because that's worse than letting get a bit on the high side.

Mine is normally 5.0 if i remember rightly, but i don't have diabetes...my dad has a machine and stabs up when he has it out to make sure we are all ok he is paranoid lol. I think 6.5 is quite high, but please don't let that alarm you as im no doctor haha. If it gets to 7 then i would go and see the doc. I did not fast before i had mine done.

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