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Sports fanatic (:
if my blood sugar level is 178, does that mean i have diabetes?
My grandma check it with her diabetes thing and it was 178. All i ate was chicken, rice & drank juice before she checked it. Then she checked it again after dinner, and it dropped to 128.. but she said it was still high. And i drank 2 cups of water before she checked again. does this mean i have diabetes?

Carpe Diem
I'm type 1 diabetic but a lot of type 2 diabetics run in my family. you just got to be careful of ur sugar and carbohydrate intake. You should only be eating about 3 meals a day, breakfast being the largest, lunch and dinner being the smallest. Snacking is fine but try to snack healthy with string cheese or yogurt or fruit, etc. You should try to balance out your meals with a serving of veggies, protein (meat), and a starch. try not to over eat. and u need to exercise. 178 means you are prediabetic. if u go to the dr they will want u on meds, but the best thing is to loose this the healthy way. all u need is balanced meals and 30 min or more of exercise a day. My aunt was told she was prediabetic and she never listened and continued eating unhealthy, now in her old age she is constantly hospitalized and her kidneys went bad.

good luck. its not cool being diabetic, ur lucky u can get rid of yours. do somethin about it now. if you dont take care of it you can risk losing a limb from excess high sugar levels.

i hoped this helped.

if you wake up and test it in the morn and it's above 100 you have pre-diabetes if it's over 200 you have diabetes but if you just ate and its 178 that's fine. meats have no carbs, the rice could do it.

rice has carbs, which raise blood sugar as well as the juice. After eating it's normal to have a blood sugar around 140.
exercise will lower your sugar.
if you want to know for sure if you're diabetic go to your doctor whilst fasting.

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