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If you take too much insulin, can it kill you?
If you took an overdose of insulin, would it kill you? If so, then how fast and what would be done to counter it?

It's not that you can overdose on it, it's that too much can make your blood sugar level drop depending on what it is when you take it. Presumably somebody would give you a shot of glucagon once you faint to bring blood sugar levels back up, which should work in less than 10 mins. Either that, or they just take you to the hospital and put you on a glucose drip. I'm not entirely certain on how long it would take for you to die once your blood sugar levels drop the point where you faint, I'd say it'd vary from person to person. But it'd happen because your brain wouldn't be getting enough glucose for it to function and your brain would simply stop working. Things would need to be done fairly quickly but it happens quite regularly and I don't think many people actually die from it. Hope I helped :)

Jovi Freak
Yes it'd kill you, it would cause a hypo, which if left untreated could kill you. To treat it you can give a glucogon injection if available, or sweet substances eg fruit juice, fizzy drinks (not diet) chocolate but only if the person is able to swallow safely. or ring an ambulance and a glucose drip will be given in hospital. Why, are you planning on giving somebody too much insulin ?

Yes. Your brain needs glucose to survive. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) causes the neurons in your brain to die. There are emergency measures in place to counteract hypoglycemia, but they must be enacted in a timely manner. One of them to drink orange juice or take glucose tabs, but if the person is unable to take anything by mouth, there are glucagen injections or glucose via IV.

Dr Noopur, MD
Hello, Overdose of insulin can kill a person because of hypoglycemia which can produce seizures and arrhythmias in the heart. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and regards.

Of course it can. You would get a drop in blood glucose leading to a "hypo" (hypoglycaemia) and then to come and death. The immediate first aid is to eat something sugary. Later professional treatment would be by intravenous glucose and or glucagon, which an antagonist hormone to insulin. Many diabetics carry glucose tablets or sweets just in case.

Dr Frank
Yes it can profound hypoglycaemia is fatal. It can be counteracted with glucose or glucagon.

It depends on what kind of insulin, how much of an overdose and how soon you figure it out. I'm going to assume you're talking about a type 1 diabetic. If you know exactly how much extra you gave yourself, and you know immediately after you give yourself the shot, then you just give yourself the appropriate amount of carbs according to your carb/insulin ratio. If you can't eat that much food, you just start drinking juice. If you figure it out but don't know how much extra you gave yourself, you keep monitoring your blood sugar and give yourself carbs when you start to go low. But if you remained unaware long enough to become unconscious, then yes, you can easily die. If you're alone and nobody finds you soon, you would definitely die. If someone is with you and knows about your condition and what to do, you may live.

Yes it could possibly kill you it would depend on a large number of things including the amount of the overdose, the type of the insulin and what the person had eaten and how much they had eaten. It could kill quickly within hours to stop it you need to give the person something sweet to eat quickly followed by high in carbohydrates to give the insulin glucose to work on

Yes. Insulin overdose may cause vital-sign changes. The pulse or heart rate my become faster than normal. This increase in pulse and heart rate will be felt by the affected individual. Also, the heart beat may become irregular, possibly causing unusual sensations in the chest area. Individuals who have accidentally overdosed on insulin may experience sweating, dizziness, coordination problems and blurry vision. Also, tremors may occur. In severe cases, seizures, loss of consciousness and coma may occur. An insulin overdose may cause sudden and severe nausea. Also, extreme hunger may occur as well. When extreme hunger is felt, individuals should drink fruit juice or eat candy to see if symptoms improve. Many diabetics keep glucose tablets handy for such situations, and these can also be consumed to raise blood sugar. Medical treatment is needed for an insulin overdose. While waiting for treatment, individuals having overdose symptoms should eat something with sugar in it. Treatment usually involves intravenous fluids and glucose injections. Check out http://teststripnetwork.com they collect unused test strips for diabetics that can’t afford them. Plus they pay you for helping! You can email them as well @ tstripnetwork@gmail.com.

i would quickly contact a doctor i don't know Much but it lowers you blood sugars to much if you overdose so yeah get in contact with a doctor and eat sugary stuff do you have something to monitor you blood Sugar if so keep an eye on it

Yes, it's a drug and if you have an overdose it can kill you, any drug can.

Harley Drive
yes you would go into a coma, injections of glucose would be necessary to save you, with a big enough injection the coma would be almost instant and often when you come out of the coma you will remember nothing as your memory has been wiped clean

Yes, it could. A glucose drip would be administered to raise your sugar levels back up to an appropriate level. As for speed, very difficult to say, and depends on several factors. Your body has glucose reserves stored up to combat that sort of thing. It would be much more likely to simply render you unconscious or place you in a coma while your body naturally combats the low. The faster acting insulins reach their peak within the hour, so it wouldn't be super-fast, you should have enough time to react.

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