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which soda rots teeth fastest?
science project

Cadence Jade is 1!!!
soda doesnt rot teeth. the sugar in soda is consumed by bacteria in the mouth which kick out acid that deminerlaizes the teeth. sugar doesnt cause cavaties, acid from the bacteria does. sorry, but there is no actual answer to your question. if just depends on the composition of the bacteria in your mouth.

mountain dew

It is Coca-Cola. They are all bad, but I got a pamphlet at my dentist's office, and this one was the worst. I can't remember the exact level of acid it stated, but it was very close to battery acid. Actually, some people use Coke to clean the corrosion from their batteries. Scary, huh? But it's true! Mountain Dew is up there too. The title of the pamphlet was "Sip All Day, and You'll get Decay". Maybe you can find it that way.

I want to say Mtn. Dew... but defer to the folks w/ the brochure.

For what it's worth, I DO know that Root Beer is the best....or I should say "Least Bad!"

Any soda that has hight amounts of sugar and frutcose syrup are bad and will rot your teeth. if you drink any pop it should be diet or sugar free.

One of the most important points people are missing is the fact that soda is acidic. You can drink diet soda which has sugars but the bacteria in our mouths don't know how to break down. The acid will take the minerals out of the teeth and form beginning decay. Any soda can do this. Mountain Dew and orange soda seem to have the highest content of sugar, though.

Dental doc
Coca-Cola probably. It's main constituent is phosphoric acid, which is used by dentists to etch the teeth so that tooth-colored fillings can be bonded onto the teeth. It has a low pH (i.e.acidic), and it's full of sugar. It's the best combination for cariogenic bacteria to act upon, especially the Mutans Streptococci family, which is implicated in dental caries or decay.

One that has a large amount of sugar and acids.

I think that its coke because it has the most sugar. Bascially, any soda with high amounts of sugar will rot your teeth.

Do the Dew? Among the fizzy drinks, non-colas tended to be harshest on teeth; diet versions were no better than their sugary counterparts. The most corrosive was Mountain Dew; the diet version dissolved just over an average 8 percent of enamel; the regular version ate away more than 6 percent. Sprite and Diet Sprite followed at 3.93 percent and 3.65 percent, respectively. Coffee and brewed tea had only minimal effects.
Fixing Blame The researchers, Anthony von Fraunhofer of Maryland and Matthew Rogers, now an Air Force dentist, found no connection between sugar content and enamel dissolution. (A&W Root Beer had no effect on teeth, despite a generous dose of sugar.) Nor did pH level seem linked to enamel loss. The researchers speculate that other ingredients such as citric or malic acid may be responsible.

which ever one has the most surger . (all of them )

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