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 Which is cheaper dental implants or porcelin vineers?
I was told by my dentist that I have to get vineers on my 4 front teeth... but aren't dental implants in a way the same thing .. which ones are cheaper ......

 my front two teeth are kinda big and out of the line of the rest of my teeth.?
I want them to be somewhat normal and not so in the front. can i have like braces or something? how much does it cost in canada windsor? ...

READ ALL BEFORE ANSWERING: I have these brown specks or something on one tooth, there is alot and it's in the behind area and now it's spreading through the front there's like two ...

 How to fix extracted tooth?
I had my tooth removed today (the last one on the bottom left jaw). It left a big hole and there was a quite a bit of bleeding. But after a while, it looks like jello type of blood filled the hole. I...

 Anyone know if Arm & Hammer Dental Care Gum is still around?
Or has it been discontinued? If so, anyone know why? Thanks!...

 i am getting a Labial frenectomy done soon, anyone had it before?

 How do you get rid of cankers in your mouth?
I have a huge canker in my mouth down by my wisdom tooth, hense the hurting of that, and my last question. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?? okay thanks, but i get them all the time and ...

 When will I get my braces off?
First time I got them (end of april 2008) they told me about 2 years. But a week ago I got elastics. Will they be able to take them off before? I wear my elastics everyday, everytime.....

 Scolious brace for sleeping, if you have one, what is the design?

 how do you make the bottom crest white strip stick?

 gum infection after extracted tooth?
I had my tooth removed last week (last one in lower left jaw). It seems to be healing fine but I am concerned whether the gum in that area is infected. There has been a layer of something yellow over ...

 if u have a clift pallet and lip can u french kiss?
ive been arguring with my friends with this would it fell weird to a ...

 Fluoride In Water... Water dangerous!?
The water companies put fluoride in our drinking water which is used to kill rats. How should we get rid of it... I dun think boiling water works?...

 Listerine whitening question?
I bought Listerine Pre-prush whitening rinse. What i want to know is if it weakens you're teeth since I'm already using the purple Listerine that strengthens you're teeth....

 Im 14, having pain in the back of of my mouth. Could this be wisdom Teeth?
Ok so I am 14 and i have gotten my first and second molars now i am having pain on my bottom left side behind my molars. Its very sensitive to touch. And a bunch of my gums and skin back there is ...

 I have my first orthodontist on February 16,2009! What does the orthodontist do?
I want to know what exactly what they do? My top teeth are straight and pretty.But my bottom teeth are crowed and jumbled! What will the orthodontist do on the first visit? Be specific and detailed ...

 I had a root canal on a molar 3 months ago and now experience underlying ache. What could be the cause? ?

 What can i do to stop swelling after my wisdom teeth have been removed other than warm pad?
Its been 36 hours since the surgery, I have used ice packs for the first 24 hours. Thank you all, the warmth after 24 hours was recommended by dentist to increase blood circulation. I will try the ...

 Does anyone know what my average has to be to get into a dental hygiene college?
I would prefer to know the average for George Brown college located in Toronto Thanks. I heard it was very competitive though.....

 How can I make my teeth really white?
But I need home remedies please...Its very late ...

bad breath...help please?
hey yeah this is kinda weird lol....um i'm not completely sure, anyway i think i might have bad breath. i brush my teeth and floss and all that. but anyway....can someone tell me what to do or....something? yeah well anyway..... thanks..please don't think i'm weird lol

go to a dentist and let him examine you to check for inter dental infection or wisdom teeth infection. If every thing is ok, check with ENT & Lung doctor.

keeping bad bacteria in the mouth at bay can be very helpful in eliminating bad breath. build up your defense system by keeping saliva going in the mouth, you can also keep mouth hydrated by drinking adequate amount of fluids. keep an eye to proper oral hygiene, make sure you brush and floss teeth properly every after meal. visit a dental expert to be able to determine what is the underlying cause of your bad breath. for more tips to beat bad breath visit http://www.oramd.com

I had that problem years ago. no matter what i did it didnt work. when i visited my dentist he told me that my wisdom teeth were infected and they needed to be pulled. so all 4 were pulled and i didnt have that problem anymore. maybe you have a bad tooth. my wisdom teeth didnt hurt and actually, they were still coming up and only a tiny bit above the surface of the gum. i had NO idea that they were infected. today, I try to be aware between brushings that my breath could smell just because of the food I have eaten, so I always have a piece of peppermint gum in my pocket. another thing is that if you have a nervous stomach that will cause your breath to stink. it comes up into your mouth. also take into consideration that cigarette smoke gives you nasty breath. good luck with your clean breath.

Try mouth rinse called " Breath RX " - it helps u not to get bad breath there is also mint and tooth paste for it..

brush 2-3 times daily floss use mouth wash after every meal use a tongue scraper---most important thing for bad breath! and chew gum//mints


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