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 Is $1,600 a fair price for a root canal and crown?
I have a lot of work that needs to get done. The first job is a root canal that I was quoted about 1,600 including the crown. Is this too much? Or is it around fair market value? T...

 Please help me figure out dental insurance?
Hi. I'm on Medicaid, which is health insurance through the government. They do not cover orthodontics, but I need braces. Is there any insurance I can get that will help cover the braces that ...

 tooth extraction , smoking, blood clots, need answers!?
how do i know if a blood clot has formed? it is a dark red , almost brown color where my tooth was pulled yesterday... is that a blood clot?

can i still smoke if i puff very lightly and ...

 What is the best teeth treatment when your fragile dead tooth turns gray?
I had a motorcycle accident 6 years ago which caused my upper front gum to break and bend backward towards my mouth. My two front teeth did not fall off, so the dentist pulled my teeth and gum back ...

 ive had jaw pain for 3months?
i have pain in the lower jaw for 3months n now it started on on both side now, i can eat well n i now bite the inside of my mouth, it seem like my jaw has come out of place . can anyone help....

 i have a dental abscess and pain's killing me?
I went to the dentist's this morning and he prescripted an antibiotic and painkillers too.
I'm still in pain even if I took them both.
How does it take before I feel better?

 Help! Sand feeling when i put my teeth together.?
Its hard to explain but the best way i can describe it is if you were to put a pinch of sand on your teeth and put them together. What are some of the reasons why this could be happening, thx....

 Problem with my gums/jaw?
So for the past week or so, Just under my back two teeth on the right side of my mouth, both upper and lower, there is what feels like almost a small split. It's not bleeding or anything when I ...

 teeth my little sister just got her teeth cleaned?
she only drinks water and milk sometimes pop and she just got her teeth whiten.but yet her teeth are yellow again and i need to know how to get her teeth white and how to keep the white because this ...

 my wisdom teeth are crooked?
my wisdom teeth on the bottom go into the gums..o.O
is that normal?
oh and my top wisdom teeth aren't fully out yet either.
Will i have to have them removed?...

 My gums are constantly bleeding...?
sometimes I wake up in the morning before I even brush my teeth and I spit in the sink and there is blood. They have been like this since the last time I went to the dentist for teeth cleaning and ...

 How can I stop myself biting down on my teeth when I sleep?
It's becoming a massive issue, because it's gotten to the point where it's actually wearing my teeth down. They're visibly reduced, and it's horrible! I'm only 18!

 What was the blue light when putting braces on for?
its a light and they point it at your teeth for like 5 seconds, then it turns off, then they do it again. only twice
what is it for?...

 My bottom two front teeth ache after wisdom tooth extraction. Why?
I've heard about referred pain and stuff, this just seems... different. If I poke them with my tongue they ache, and any sort of touching hurts. It's really quite painful, and I'm kind ...

 Help, Are my teeth yellow?
Okay it's weird...
okay so i've always taken pretty good care of my teeth up until the last months I've gotten lazy and I think they've gotten yellow over it.
When I ...

 fixing my gap in my teeh for good?
Hey everyone,
i just got braces to fix my gap in my teeth and ive been researching about it closing up and i heard that once the braces come off the gap will reopen is this true and how can i ...

 What are the risks regarding teeth whitening, if any?
Which of the teeth whitening techniques is the safest for the health of your teeth, gums, etc.? Which technique is least safe and why?...

 do i need to take physics if i want to become a dentist hygienist?
what other courses do i need?..
thanks !...

 My permanent tooth is kinda moving.. just KINDA?
cuz when i was playing basketball, i accidentaly hit my friend and hit my tooth.. its on the front! .. it kinda wiggling but not really..when i wiggle it, i remember the hurt when i was trying to ...

 I think I swallowed a piece of my stitch from my wisdom teeth operation...?
Is swallowing the stitches gonna be harmful to my health? One of the stitches was hanging around loosely and I was eating soup and it wasn't until a while after I notice it wasn't there any ...

Will irrigating the sockets prevent dry socket?
I just had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday and my oral surgeon gave my a paper that tells how to irrigate the sockets with a syringe. I know it removes food from the socket, but does it also prevent dry socket? He said to do it on day 3 which is tomorrow. I really don't want to get dry socket since I've heard really horrible things about it.

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
If the clot that formed when the tooth was removed comes out, That is Dry Socket. It really doesn't refer to keeping it moist with water. So you want the stream from the syringe to bet gentle not forceful. Just so it rinses the wound. Not disturb it.

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