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 I have a friend who has an abcessed tooth and cant make it to the dentist can anyone help with a home remidy?

 I am looking for info on diamonds being used for esthetics on teeth. They are bonded on as veneers by dentist.

 my 9 yr old wants braces but she is still losing her teeth when is the right time?
she is worried about her top teeth having big gaps and being called buck toothed. any temp.solution for her beside false teeth?...

 How do i pull my own tooth out?(((((PAIN)))))?
My dentist wants my to pay a huge sum of money for an extraction! I dont have it! Can anyone hook me up to their bumper??...

 my husband had an accident and he bit his tongue.is there a home remedy for his tongue and a swollen face?

 Definition of General Pathology?

 Is the dental caries infictious ?
Is it infictious ? can it be transmited from tooth to the ...

 Can you do this daily: chew 1 kilogram of tough green leafy vegetables?
Will damaged teeth grow themselves right back into their original state? With holistic dentistry? How? I KNOW IT SOUNDS HORRIBLE, but seriously: who knows about this? Who can explain it? It is not ...

 Are there different methods on how to place a dental implant?

 how should i quit chewing tobacco?

 My son needs a orthodontist?
My son needs a orthodontist but we cant come up with the $7000.00 needed and dont want to sell the house. Can you guys help me with some ideas on low cost orthodonics or schlorships or schools etc. T...

 Can anyone recommend an over-the-counter teeth whitening product that really works?

 how much does a dental visit cost?

 Teeth grinding...guard recommendations?
Any recommendations out there for guards for teeth grinding? I cannot afford the dentist's version. I've heard of the Boil-N-Bite ... anyone with experience with that or any other ideas? T...

 My friend is so self-conscious about a little gap in her front teeth. Is there a permanent way to fix it?
I think she is going through major drama and I need to tell her an educated answer....

 Why is britesmile $600 every where? i live in California.?
I searched online - nothing cheaper than coupon from britesmile for $100, or $75 from another website. Ins't this price fixing by britesmile? Sorry "Waffin", You didn't answer my ...

 what does it cost to hav e periodontal diseases taken care of?
for dental disease like ...

 what is TMJ? and how is it caused?
i dont know if i have it or not?...

 What is the most effective way to whiten my teeth?
I have yellowish teeth. They aren't beautiful sparkling whites! I know brushing them would be a big plus, but that doesn't seem to help as much as it should. What is the best way to get my ...

 Do they really have "Faux" Gold teeth that Rappers can instanly put in or take out?

Why don't people know when their breath smells badly?

because they are self centered and they dont think of us!!! even if they dont know they smell bad! they should take a tic tac or a gum or something!!!

Because you can't smell your own breath, idiots :P

The olfactory bulb is the sense of smell. It is an accessory nerve sense. It adapts quite readily. That is why we get used to a smell and we can not smell it anymore. For instance, if you spray perfume on, you can only smell it for a short while. These sensory bulbs adapt and you can no longer notice it, another person walks up and notices quite readily.

your nose places its focus on real world smell like, trash, other people etc, not mainly to you. Statitically 85% other and only 15% self focus by the nose.

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