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 Has anyone any knowledge on the Dental Clinical Audit?
I have completed the peer review and this time decided to do the clinical audit, but the website help is so out of date, with LAP etc, when the PCT has apparently now taken over, and the who to ...

 can an overbite be corrected in adulthood and can front teeth be ground down .?
can an overbite be corrected in adulthood so the lower jaw is brought forward.i know it can be treated in children with a brace but can adults be treated too and can the two front teeth of someone be ...

 Wisdom teeth?
I have been refered to have both wisdon teeth out on the left side of my mouth as there is no room for them. The bottom one has grown in but at an angle and still has a fold of gum over it & ...

 Why does the dentist...?
Why is it when the dentist has got his fingers in your mouth he asks you questions that you cant answer with a yes or no! Does anyone elses dentist do that?...

 Smoking With Braces (2)?
I smoke with braces on like 1-3 times a day (cuz of school and stuff) so when I have them removed and all that, will the dentist be able to tell I've smoked????...

 If you have only 2 yellow teeth can they have a crown put on or something, as bleeching can only be for entire
set of ...

 teeth whitening?
i would like to have my teeth whitened but am reluctant to go to a dentist because of the expense. can anyone recommend a product that you can use at home that produces excellent results....

 got to get inferior wisdom teeth pulled out.how much will I suffer?
It is partially intruded and not in upright position, it lies ...

 Is this another abcess?
When I was about 13 I got a hole in one of my molars. It was filled and stayed fine for years, but then it fell out one day when I was about 20, then part of the tooth snapped off as well. The ...

 i am getting braces in 2 days and 4 teeth pulled out will it hurt? how long will it take?
what colour shall i get? how long will it take? will it hurt? what can i eat when i have just put them on? i am a 13 year old girl PLEASE ANSWER AND FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME...

 Where in London can I buy Crest Whitening Strips and how much are they?
do they sell them in boots or superdrug ?...

 how long does it take to get braces top and bottom and 4 teeth taken out?
does it hurt? please answer me i am ...

 i had a wisdon tooth extracted today and im 18weeks pregnant what pain relief can i use????
ive taken just paracetamol but there not working....

 Has anyone tried the Pearl Drops Brush on Tooth Veneer?
Was it any good? I'm tempted but does it simply come off if you drink or talk? http://www.pearldrops.co.uk/ And what does it taste like?...

 I got smacked in the mouth at the weekend and my tooth got lodged back however a managed to pop it back?
I went to see the dentist today and the xray do not show any damage to my root so he said just be careful for a few weeks and it should heal he has given me antibiotics and a mouthwash but im worried ...

 Has anyone any experience of "Twilight Sleep" while at the dentist, is it any good how does it feel ?

 How do you get nice white teeth?

 What does FCO and SXLA mean
was at the dentist today and he gave me a a sheet with a diagram of my teeth on it and when i got home i noticed it these abbreviations - only problem i dont know what they mean! Any ideas?...

 Getting my braces off next week.. but my jaw has been clickin ever since i had em on, will it still click ?
Getting my braces off next week.. but my jaw has been clickin ever since i had em on, will it still click? Its been annoying me ever since i've had braces.. whenever i open my mouth, it ...

 How much will this all cost?
Spark plugs Spark plug leads Oil filter Oil Timing belt Altonator Exhust system These are all the part i need for my FORD FIESTA 1996...

Whats the best mouthwash in the market?
One that leaves your mouth tingling and fresh for hours? The one i think tops the market is Listerine, 6-1. Total Care.

Gary D
I like Listerine. Gary Dominicus

By tyler does not know what she or he is talking about. Listerine is an antibacterial rinse and it lowers the bacteria count in your mouth. So naturally if you don't use it you will have more bacteria in your mouth. Mints will not kill bacteria! Listerine is ADA approved and uses alcohol to keep the active ingredients , essential oils, mixed together. Some people can not handle the alcohol like children, alcoholics, and chemotherapy patients. People who have extreme dry mouth called xerostomia cannot use rinses with alcohol because it will dry out their tissues more. Listerine is great and words well but in a pilot study I recently conducted Crest Pro Health was proven to not only work as well as Listerine but to also stay in the mouth and work longer than Listerine. Listerine is the top seller. Crest is not yet received the ADA seal but is in the process; it takes many years to get it. The other good thing about Crest pro health is the lack of alcohol. Its active ingredient is CPC therefore does not need alcohol to keep them mixed like the essential oils do. So if you do not have a problem or medical issue that needs to stay away from alcohol then it is just personal preferences

Stop using them immediately! It's like using sensitive toothpaste - when you stop using it, the pain begins. Likewise, when you stop using the mouthwash your breath will be awful! Get a packet of sugar free mints.

why would you want your mouth to be tingling for hours?

$Foxy Diva$

Any of the Listerine group.

No 9/11 conspiracy


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