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Swollen pus filled gums?
Can anyone tell me what this could be and if it is serious? I am low income and have no dental. About once a week I get a sensation of pain in the back of my mouth. I feel a pocket filled with something in my gums. I push on it and alittle white puss comes out. Then the pain leaves. What is it?


That sound like a abecess tooth and yes that could be bad an abcess tooth is pocket full of posion you need to see a dentsit as soon as possible

Ron Diego
See if there is a Dental School in your area and, if so, get there immediately. If not, just go to any family practice dentist office, and ask if they will take low but steady payments for the minimum of whatever it takes to cure the situation. An unattended infection/abcess can eventually lead to brain damage. And, if you're using drugs, STOP! Young people with bad teeth are a dead giveaway when it comes to drugs.

Health Cracker
A term that is getting a lot of television air play – at least in oral hygiene product commercials – is that of gingivitis. It presents with swollen and bleeding gums and by and large is known to be an inflammation of the gum tissue that is most visible at the gum line where teeth and tissue meet. Plaque that is found on teeth is to blame for swollen gums and subsequent worsening of the gum inflammation and although daily oral hygiene will remove some of it, for a complete removal a visit to the dental health care professional is in order.

When swollen gums point to gingivitis, sufferers will do well to realize that their inflammation has reached an advanced stage and since plaque is at the root of this problem, the odds or also developing cavities and other problems within the oral cavity are increasing. The longer the plaque and swollen gums are ignored, the worse the situation will most likely become, and no amount of vigorous brushing, flossing, and even mouth rinsing will do away with plaque which has already formed and hardened to such an extent as to adhere to the teeth.

Source: http://www.themouthdoctor.co.uk/gumdisease/29-whenswollengumspointtogingivitis.html

sounds to me like some sort of gum infection and only a dentist can give u antibiotics for this

Your bones may be rotting. You probably need to get a tooth pulled. You really should see someone about that.
Good luck!

Abscess. Means the tooth is dying. Need a root canal or pulled out.

Felicia P
An infection, when you let out the puss it releases infection but dont swallow it and you should get a antibiotic. You can go to an E.R. and Walmart has a cheap $4 script program.
You may need to have it pulled but they can't till the infection is gone and you dont want to wait cause it can spread and swell your face.
Good Luck

Get treatment for this, antibiotic and have the tooth pulled or fixed. Don't waste time, this can spread to your brain. I am serious.

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