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i need something that will make me feel better like drugs/pills?
i get depressed a lot and i can't enjoy things because im usually in a rubbish mood. i was thinking of taking legal drugs or illegal drugs but i don't know what to take and i don't know much about drugs. i'd like something that i can get easily. i really need it. im so tired of being moody and it's ruining so many things for me. i just need anything that will have an effect on me. please help me, thank you so much in advance. btw, i've never done drugs before.

Anthony Oliver
use moderate amounts of marijuana. marijuana causes your brain to produce more serotonin (happy chemical) and to sustain that serotonin. one thing is known for sure about marijuana, it at least provides instant relief for depression. its also been shown that marijuana makes the hippocampus area of the brain produce new cells-scientists say that the more cells you have in this area of the brain, the less likely you are to be depressed in the future. if your going to use weed for depression, choose a sativa strain, as they are more stimulating and euphoric. it has become clear to me that when used in low doses, marijuana can be used to restore emotional balance.

michelle g
cannabis is probobly your safest choice.

you dont need pills you need to get over it pills dont make you better i was deppressed as a kid and the doctors gave me pills 3 years later they took me off for a week then they are like woah for 3 years uve been takin 2x the dose you were supposed to so i never take pills unless my life depends on it get over it do fun stuff with friends you dont need pills so stop being deppressed and sayin the only way im gonna get better is pills

Mr. Artless
weed will make you feel better and that's as easy as it gets. So will Valium or xanax or any other benzo, and those are all prescription so those are pretty easy as well.

Brinkley's guest
-try St. John's Wort - it's an over-the-counter supplement. Take as directed, but make sure it is the standardized extract. If that doesn't help, then you might want to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist and get a prescription for an anti-depressant. Drugs aside, you need to get involved in something that will take you outside yourself. You are too self-absorbed, and it is not healthy for you to make this a life pattern. -wish you the best.

Dr Frank
Guess what, whatever is going in you are going to make things very much worse by taking non-prescribed medication. Why not start by explaining your problems to your GP.

mary jane
if you want legal drugs just talk to your doctor and get antidepressants if you want illegal drugs pretty much anything will make you happy (except for psychedelics), but a lot of drugs can give you comedowns that make you feel even shittier than how you started. But some people don't get bad comedowns like me. Marijuana would be a good and safe antidepressant because its not addicting and has no bad comedowns or hangovers. Anything harder would not be a good idea to use as an antidepressant, but pain pills such as Oxycontin make you feel so much better when your depressed, but only temporarily and they can be really addicting. It all depends on the person for which drug they like when their depressed. I know people who do coke or heroine when their depressed. I would not recommend using these though because you can easily get addicted and screw up your life. Good Luck

If you are trying for a natural treatment to help with depression try getting outside and exercise such as walking or running. To get any pills that might help with your depression you should go see a doctor. There are a lot of different antidepressants available but they all have side effects you may not like and you need to be monitored by a doctor while taking them. Some possible side effects: Wanting to commit suicide, loss of libido, changes to your sleep patterns, weight gain. Also once you start taking antidepressants it takes several weeks 4-6 to start feeling any better and if you stop taking them you need to be weaned off them very slowly or the consequences could be very bad.

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