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 do u know the cure for quickly healing a torn muscle?

 Is tea tree oil safe?
I just bought some tea tree oil for oral hygiene -- I want to add a couple drops to water for a mouthwash or add it to my toothpaste. i read on the bottle that it's not safe to ingest -- but ...

 What is biofeedback and Neurofeedback?
In as much detail as possible....

 Lifting Supplements??
I have Creatine Monohydrate pills each 750 mg, the loading period has you taking anywhere from 18-24 pills a day which seems excesissive. Im 16 and i was wondering if theres a smaller ...

 Where can i find kratom in Vancouver?
im looking for kratom to buy but not online, the only place i know is urban shaman.
so if anyone knows besides that place please let me know!...

 what does a guava fruit contain to treat diarrhea?

 How did ecstasy get it's name?

 does arthiritis medicinereally help?
im 38 and have ...

 how can i not relapse into cutting? please help..?
i just started college in august and i feel so lonely all the time. i cried for 20 minutes in my room last night. i just feel like there is no one in my life who cares, and i just am such an ...

 What high feels better a Opiate high (Hydrocodone , Oxycontin) or a stimulant high like cocaine? 10 points?
My friend always tells me that pills are nothing compared to a cocaine high , but other people tell me cocaine ain't nothing compared to a Opiate high so which one is it?...

 If you go to the doctors office high on dxm will they know?
I can hide it very well, and most people can't tell, but im worried if when he checks my heart rate, he might suspect ill be on something... have people gone to the doctors office without being ...

 do psilocybin (mushrooms) and lsd have about the same effect?
Do mushrooms make you feel sounds and taste or hear color like acid. I'm not going to do either however I have used acid back in my days :) just wondering if psilocybin makes you hear a taste....

 Adderall patches? 10 points best answer!?
What's the difference between the patches and the pills? Anything I should know about them? Any experience with them? Thank you....

 ok my question is about a medication im on and what it interacts with?
im taking lexapro 10mg and i drank like 3 or 4 glasses of strawberry fruit juice and your not suppose to drink grapefriut juice while taking it but im not sure if strawberry fruit juice has any ...

 When they give you anesthesia to put you to sleep?
I know its normal for someone to feel as if they literally "blinked their eyes" and everything was all done,but is it normal that everything got all mashed up and collided together and ...

 What are the worst most damaging recalled medications ever?
Like caused massive deaths or killed many people? Its for a school project in technology for ethical meds and technology that caused massive damage?...

 will smoking mariguana and taking fluconazol affect you?
i know drinking will affect it bt am just curious to know ma friend keeps telling me it wont.
fluconazol- anti fungal ...

 Have you or someone you know used chantix?
What was the result? How did you feel? How hard was the quitting process? Any details...I am picking up the script today, starting tomorrow and plan on quitting Friday next week, 11/19....

 What are good alternatives to prozac and other anti-depressants?
I have been battling with depression off and on for years. I used to be on meds before and I didn't like how they made me feel. I recently got put on meds, but I would rather deal with it ...

 Legal High Charge, what is it?
Ok so ive just found out my boyfriend and his mates have been taking this drug called charge, ive looked everywhere for some information about it and failed miserably. I was hoping someone on here ...

Best place to buy JWH-018?
I'm looking to buy 1 gram of JWH-018 for < 30.00. I've seen it sold for twenty per gram some places, but they don't accept prepaid Visa gift cards, which is my method of payment. Can anyone help me out? Thanks. ;p


its in liquid form, but its more potent

The bad thing is people that sell JWH-018 for that cheap are usually fake scam websites. And if they dont except those prepaid cards then they are usually fake .There are a few websites out there that sell 1 gram for $40 or so.


This is a reliable source where I purchased my JWH-018. They also sell other JHW items like JWH-073 and RCS-4

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