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 My eyes are suddenly really itchy...?
Over the last few weeks my eyes have been really itchy and I don't know why. I know it's nothing to do with the season, and it's not like we just got a cat, etc. I can't think of ...

 i have a blister in my lip...?
it is certinaly NOT herpes i dont have a bf and never kissed a boy i used to get these like when i was 7 and my mom thought it was because of a medician but know i didnt eat any medician or ...

 Anaphylaxis initial exposure question?
I know that someone with Anaphylaxis is exposed to a trigger substance that sensitizes the immune system to it, and later in life you could go into Anaphylactic shock if exposed again, but what ...

 Can too much benadryl hurt me?
I just took some Benadryl and realized that I took the dose in tablespoons instead of tspns. So it said take 2-4 tspns and I took 3 tablespoons by mistake. Will I be okay? I am 5'7 about 165 ...


 what can you do to reduce allergies that doesn't involve any medicine?
Today I woke up with a strange type of allergies in my little finger and I don't know what to do!!!...

 My nose sweats when it's cold out?
For years I've wondered why my nose sweats when it's cold out. Not a runny nose, the actual top of my nose sweats. It's very weird, it's not even an oily sweat it feels more like ...

 will cough syrup make my eyes red and how long will it last?
im thinking bout about taking the lean and i want to know if it will make my eyes red andd how long will it last ...

 Do Air Purifiers still work O.K. if there is a venting to outside? I live in an old place?
No central air or heat, so in winter windows are cracked and in summer windows are screened but opened. I bought the air purifier to help with allergies and after 2 nights it does seem to help, but ...

 Alergic to penicillin?
what are the alergic reactions to penicillin? i have took some penicillin as treatment for eczema and now its more itchy than ever....

 childhood dog allergy?
My son has asthma/allergies. We're planning on getting a dog that will be inside most of the time. My son had the skin test done by an allergy specialist with inconclusive results. He ...

 Why does my throat itch when I sneeze?
I was wondering why my throat itches after I sneeze. What's Histamine?...

 help on my red eye? (only one)?
for about a week now, i've been getting a reddish/pinkish eye but only on the left side of my face. it comes at around the same time everyday and i don't know what it is. it can't be ...

 I am wondering if I can become lactose intolerant later in life. I am 53 and have never been a milk drinker..?
I have always eaten cheese, ice cream and use milk only in cereal. Lately I have noticed when I eat ice cream or milk and cereal I get really sick. Thank you for anyones answers....

 Mold on strawberries?
For what reasons do strawberries grow mold ?...

 what is the best home remedy to use if your allergic to dogs?
If you start wheezing after playing with your new puppy, are there some over the counter meds to take?...

 What is the thing to do for sinuses or allergies?
I have been getting really bad headaches lately and when I bend over, my it feels like everything rushed to my head and it's very painful. towards the top of my nose is very painful, i feel ...

 Question about going gluten free?
I'm going gluten free after realising I have an intolerance to it. I've been off it for less than a week - maybe 4 or 5 days, and so far I'm going well - my skin is slowly clearing ...

 allergic reaction to bactrim! should I go to the ER?
I've been taking bactrim since Friday for my severe acne.. well I woke up this morning extremely itchy, I knew it was probably the bactrim and threw it away. Well...now I have a rash on my ...

 Why did my nose randomly start bleeding?
I was in class and it randomly started bleeding....what does that mean ?...

when ever i eat a fruit my lip and throat gets itchy?
my lip and throat gets itchy when i eat a fruit like a mango or a apple

It is only raw fruit, isn't it? What you have is called oral allergy syndrome. It is related to pollen allergies. Do you get hayfever in the spring?

xx Ana xx
you might have allergies so go see your doctor

You could very well have developed an allergy to them even if you weren't allergic before. Either go to your doctors and ask for a food allergy test or go to your local health food shop and they will do allergy tests there. I think it costs between £25-£35 to get it done at a health food shop but they can give you lots of advice. You may be allergic to citric acid which is in a lot of fruits.

Ana G
you may have grown allergic to them.. i ate bananas all the time when i was little and now if i eat one i will itch in my throat ears and lips

Orange Juice simpson
well, considering that you put this question under "Allergies", I'm guessing you already know why your getting these symptoms. So what's your question?

Maybe you should go see a Doctor. You might be Allergic to them.

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