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what causes a red rash on a baby that looks like the baby got burned???
my baby sister woke up with a rash this morning i dont know what it is....she has a rash on her neck and stomach with some blisters it looks like she got burned...

Molly H
if they eat too much cheese

I sounds like an allergy. Soap, perfume, or something along that line which is being used on her skin. She should go to the doctor for a better opinion.

Sometimes children under the age of 2 contract a virus called Rosella. It affects the face and upper torso. The rash often looks like red lace and will spread to the cheeks. I've seen it as a "raised" rash as well as a "visible only" rash. It's accompanied by a fever which should be treated with over the counter medications as directed by a doctor. The fever is usually very high and spikes a couple of times a day for about three days. It's not a bacterial infection so it can't be treated with antibiotics. I would call my physician and explain the symptoms before administering any medication. I'm not a doctor and wouldn't be able to diagnose anything without seeing it firsthand.

it sound like she is allergic to whatever she ate night before or heat rash.

sounds like heat rash

Heat rash, allergy,,,anything really, their little skin is soooo sensitive..


heres some info:
good luck, it's not too bad don't worry

My granddaughter had this and the hospital thought that my daughter has burnt her with a cigarette until she started to come out with more once there. They never did decide what had caused it but thought it was a viris of some kind. It went in a few days and she had a course of antibiotics

In young children, it's common to see viral rashes, but those come with a viral infection, low grade fever and all. Also it's possible that she was allergic to something she ate or came in contact with. Whatever it is, it's important to get her checked by a doctor because it could be something more serious.

I would take her to the doctor ASAP.

You ask, I answer
take her to the doctor.

Deborah S
Sounds like hives or some sort of allergic reaction to something.

It could be pityriasis rosea, also called skin flu. It is common in children and young adults and though it can look pretty bad it usualy resolves with no scarring. She needs to go to the dermatologist, but if it is pityriasis creams and topical over the counter medications could aggravate it. The best thing if it is pityriasis is to keeep it dry. It runs a course like the flu and it ususally never reoccurs.

Take your sister to the ER if it's as bad as you say.

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