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itchy and swollen tongue after eating banana's or melons?
Whats up with that? :-(

Does anybody else get that or is it just me?? :-(

hhhhmmmmmm.... bananas and melons.... Why dont you tell us about your father???

Why do you hate yourself as a woman?

Did your mother used to abuse you?

You might have an allergy. Go see a doctor.

sandy l
sounds very much like an allergy . i really think you should stop eating that food now and see the doctor about this
don't kind around with this as the swelling could go on to your throat and you could die .

I don`t know why one of the answers said she was going to talk to her dentist. You need to discuss this with your doctor, and he will tell you what types of medication to treat it with. I started have an allergy to bananas and melons when I was little. Now it is to the point that I have had to go to the hospital and be treated as it has become a life threatning condition. I`m not saying this will happen to you, but it can become serious if you continue to eat it.

Curious 2006
I dont know about everyone but now that u have suggested it I am having swelling and my mouth is itchy after I eat bannas too. I was wondering what was causing it but for sure it is after eating bannas. I am going to speak to my dentist about it and I suggest u do the same. Who knows this may need to be looked at by the health system. Thank you and Good luck Curious 2006

You probably are allergic to it. You may have developed a new allergy or you may always had this. I don't know but you should go see your doctor about it.

*Martha* My Dear
You must have a food allergy...the only thing you can really do is avoid the foods that cause the symptoms!

I don't, but I know people who do.

Don't eat bananas and melons: You're allergic.

Jennifer L
sounds like an allergic reaction, take benadryl and if its bad, go to the ER, and don't eat those.

That would mean you are allergic and need to remove bananas and melons from your diet. Now.

You should find an allergist and undergo allergy testing. Any reaction to food can turn lifethreatening at any time. Do not take this lightly.


Sounds like an allergic reaction...stay away from them. Especially since it is your tongue swelling. Ingesting too much could cause anaphylaxsis which is an acute swelling of the throat and blocks your breathing passages. You could be in severe danger of death is that happens. Best to stay away from the offending foods.

itchy after eating fresh fruits or vegetables during this time of the year?
For the 36 million people suffering from ragweed allergies, it is important
to know about pollen-food syndrome, also known as oral allergy syndrome
(OAS), caused by allergens such as ragweed, according to the American
Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI).
Each year, ragweed begins to bloom around August 15. "The pollen
released from ragweed is the airborne allergen most responsible for the
onslaught of allergy symptoms at this time of year," said Suzanne S.
Teuber, MD, FAAAAI, chair of the AAAAI's Adverse Reactions to Foods
Committee. "In addition to sneezing and itchy, watery eyes, and symptoms of
OAS, ragweed allergies can take a heavy toll on the allergy sufferer's
quality of life."
Oral allergy syndrome results from a cross-reactivity reaction between
allergy antibodies directed towards pollen proteins with similar proteins
that are found in other parts of plants. Itchiness of the mouth and throat
with mild angiodema (swelling) immediately after eating fresh fruits or
vegetables are common symptoms of OAS. Individuals with ragweed allergies
might experience these symptoms when consuming foods such as:
-- Banana
-- Cucumber
-- Melon
-- Zucchini
-- Sunflower seeds
-- Chamomile tea
-- Echinacea
Oral allergy syndrome is also common in people with birch tree pollen
allergies. Foods that can trigger a reaction in people with this allergy
-- Peach
-- Apple
-- Pear
-- Cherry
-- Carrot
-- Hazelnut
-- Kiwi
-- Almonds
Generally, cooking the food will eliminate a reaction, but not always.
Sometimes, it is possible for the OAS to induce severe throat swelling or
even a systemic reaction in a person who is highly allergic or is allergic
to the stable proteins in the food.
When to see an allergy/asthma specialist
The AAAAI's How the Allergist/Immunologist Can Help: Consultation and
Referral Guidelines Citing the Evidence provides information to assist
patients and health care professionals in determining when a patient may
need consultation or ongoing specialty care by the allergist/immunologist.
Patients should see an allergist/immunologist if they:
-- Have prolonged or severe symptoms of rhinitis.
-- Have symptoms interfering with quality of life and/or ability to
-- Have experienced allergic symptoms (urticaria, angiodema, itch, -
wheezing, gastrointestinal responses) in association with food
-- Have limited their diet based upon perceived adverse reactions to
foods or additives.
-- Experience an itchy mouth from raw fruits and vegetables.
-- Have found medications to be ineffective or have had adverse reactions
to medications.
-- Are a child with allergic rhinitis, because immunotherapy may
potentially prevent the development of asthma.
To find an allergist/immunologist in your area or to learn more about
allergies and asthma, call the AAAAI's Physician Referral and Information
Line at (800) 822-2762 or visit the AAAAI Web site at http://www.aaaai.org.
The AAAAI is the largest professional medical specialty organization in
the United States representing allergists, asthma specialists, clinical
immunologists, allied health professionals and others with a special
interest in the research and treatment of allergic disease. Established in
1943, the AAAAI has more than 6,000 members in the United States, Canada
and 60 other countries. The AAAAI serves as an advocate to the public by
providing educational information through its Web site at

That's considered an allergic reaction to the fruits.. You might want to be careful with that, it could increase to the point of swelling of your throat. Friend has a child that when he eats apples tongue and throat swell up to the point he can't breathe..Hospital they go....Be Careful

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