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 Ear Infection? What Can I Do? No doctor?
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 When i drink any form of alcohol the first few sips cause an allergic reaction. y?
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 I am often congested - especially at night. I have never had allergies, but could it be due to an allergy?
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 Both Clartion and Benadryl doesn't work for my allergy.?
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 What's the best way to stop a food allergy (immediate or delayed, but NOT anaphylactic shock) reaction?
Does benadryl work? What about drinking a lot of water to flush out your system or sweating? I actually did a sauna a couple times and it seemed to help....

 What would be a good milk alternative?
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(even when no allergies are involved)?...

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 I've heard of itchy throught, but can the ears be itchy as well? with Allergys?
I have been having weird symptoms lately and was just wondering if its something serious enough to have to be seen by doc.
My ears have been itchy lately and it feels like something ...

 Have you had an allergic reaction to something that you have been exposed to before and NOT had a reaction to?
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 do your eyes get watery when you clean your ears?
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 My nose itches very badly sometimes when I eat but I was tested and have no food allergies. Why?
I can't identify which foods specifically trigger the reaction....

 how do you get a slug out of your throat?

 i am getting over a cold that i had 2 wks. ago. now i feel worse with flu symptoms, possible to have both?
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 I just discovered that I'm allergic to mosquito bites, does that mean I'm allergic to bees?

ツ Ñツ ÁツT ツ
i threw up acid in my mouth and my throat burns?
I tried drinking a lot of water and it still hurts. it's like pumping and burning with pain. Help

J@(, the darke faerie
When ever you throw up, you get acid in your mouth. It usually burns for a while

Beth D
The reason that it burns is because the hydrochloric acid used to brake down food has been against your throat and has burn the soft tissue. I would suggest drinking a basic drink (ph8-14) like salty water or flavored milk. That should neutralize any remaining acid. From then on you just need to wait until the burn heals. Try to stay away from very acidic drinks/foods until the pain goes away - acidic drinks/foods could agitate your throat.

When that happens to me i do the above and drink lots of tea (normal with milk - not fancy teas) and it normally gone by the end of the day

If it gets a lot worse take an antacid like Renie or Mylantha (there good)

Annie D
Try and antacid like a chewable Tums, Maalox, or Mylanta to help with the burning sensation. If this is a persistant problem talk to your Dr about it as this can cause ulcerations in your throat and your Dr will prescribe a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) like Omperazole (which is available without a prescription now) or Nexium.

Heartburn is awful. Try a mug of warm water with a bit of sugar in it. That always gets rid of mine. Do you have any Pepcid AC? They are chewable Heartburn tablets. They are really good.

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