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 Why do my eyes itch?? It's like a itch that I can't scratch or reach!?
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 Could I be Allergic To Water?
I don't know what this could be.. It started last summer when I consumed : Barbeque Sauce. Yes a bit outta this world but yes. I then broke out in the hives on my arms, chest and legs.


 Can vertigo be due to my allergies? PLEASE?
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 why do i cough really hard after i finish my coffee?
im 15 and whenever i finish my morning coffee i cough pretty hard right after i finish but its only for like 20-30 seconds. just plain black coofee with nothing added....

 whats the best thing to blow your nose on?
mine is very runny and sometimes gets blocked up but mainly runny i suffer from hayfever all year round.though blowing my nose ive made it very red and sore ive got tho lots of tissues but they ...

 What insurance helps to cover allergy shots or surgery for allergy related problems?
I want to get insurance that will help cover the cost of allergy related surgeries or for covering some costs on allergy shots. Can anyone recommend a great insurance company that helped similar ...

 My boyfriend is allergic to cats?
They make his eye itch and stuff- But I like having a pet around. I would like to get a cat for his apartment to be with us- he LOVES pets but the cats seem to mess with his eyes, I was thinking if ...

 Am I allergic to earrings?
Every time I put an earring in, a little lump in my earlobe forms. I don't know if it's an allergic reaction from the material of the earring, if so what material should I use....

 Is there a worse food allergy than corn?
I am allergic to corn and American foods are filled with different types of corn. Corn syrup in the buns of hamburgers, corn in condiments, corn syrup in American cheese, corn syrup in bread, and ...

 What can I do about this condition I seems to have?
Whenever I go into a store such as department store from walking out side in cold air, my face (nose and eyes) feels swelled up with pressure and my vision also goes down.

I am sure it ...

 What will happen if you drink a lactose free milk even though you're not lactose intolerant?
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 Alergic to ALL metals?
Uhm so I was recently told by several professionals that i was highly allergic to ALL metals, not just nickel. They also told me that there was only two other incidents ever recorded about these two ...

 Why do i get sick from eating certain foods? someone help!?
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 What Medicines make you through-up?
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 why do welts form on your face after you eat?
is it a algeric reaction? what exactlly happens ? what would make them itch?...

Carol-anne Marijane
When I blow my nose my ear squeaks and hurts?
3 weeks ago I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist told me i had all the symptoms of the flu so I bought some meds for that. Today, 3 weeks after im still blowing my nose, coughing, still soar. I went to the doctors a couple days ago and he diagnosed me with sinusitis.. so i bought the sinucleanse bottle, the first time i used it my nose cleared up for 10 minutes .. tonight was my second time using it and now when i blow my nose it my right ear squeak really loud and hurts.. any explanations? HELP!


Cathy G
try a neti pot. also you are probably blowing your nose too hard, you could damage your eardrums.

Court F
Ear, nose and throat are all connected. You can see a doctor who specializes in ENT care.

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