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 Itchy tongue when eating fruits?
How come when I eat fresh fruits I get an itchy and my lips kind of swell up? It does not happen with canned fruits though, so kind of weird....

 Why is my Upper lip swollen?
Well, its been day 2 of my upper lip being swollen. My brother says its from kissing..i think.. but all i do is lil pecks to my bf here and there. Im also taking in to consideration that it is a ...

 What do I do about my allergies?
Ok, so it's 11:40 at night, and i'm sleeping over at my friend's house. He has six cats, and unfortunately, I am allergic to cats. I took 10 mg of loratadine this afternoon, which is ...

 How do i test to see if i have a allergic reaction to bee pollen?
Can i rub the granules on my skin, or shoud i take it as directed orally?
how long does a rxn take place ...please ...

 What do you do about a recurring nose bleed?

 Why does your nose get runny after/while crying and why does your eyes turn red?

 My lower lip itches!?
How can I make it stop itching?...

 One is allergic to Tide, and the other is allergic to Cheer?
We just got a high efficiency washer and drier. We've always used Cheer because my hubby gets rashes anytime he uses anything else. When we started using the high efficiency Cheer I spent a week ...

 How do I stop sneezing?
I take a zyrtec in the morning and benadryl at night, but every morning I am awoken by the urge to sneeze. Then, I will sneeze about 5 times, emitting mucus every time. I also sneeze at random times ...

 Is there any medication for someone with a caffeine allergy?
Recently, I have developed an allergic reaction to caffeine, would anyone know if there are any prescribed medication for this kind of allergy??...

 Can I get sick from dust?
I recently started cleaning underneath my bed in my room which hasn't been touched in a long while. It's really dusty. My eyes are burning a little and my throat hurts.
Can this be a ...

 what is a good NASAL DECONGESTANT?
my sinuses have really been terrible lately,but all these things look the same to me, are the name brands like sudafed better than generic? what should i use?...

 I am allergic to honey. Would it be safe to take bee pollen?
Some people think bee pollen helps treat hayfever. I wonder if I would be allergic to it also....

 babies cows milk protein allergy?
my son has a cows milk protein allergy, right now he is on nutramigen which he okay on for the last 5 weeks he has what seems to be cold like symptoms, sounds like his nose is stuffed up he also ...

 Can lactose intolerance come back?
I used to be lactose intolerant when I was a baby. Then for a few years it was gone. Now, I think it's coming back because every time I drink milk, my stomach hurts for like half a day....

 Am i allergic to kiwis, if my tounge bleeds and it stings as well as my lips ?

 What are some good remedies for sneezing?
I am at home sick right now. I sneeze loudly several times in a row, and my eyes start to tear up and the face gets a little red....

 is a rotten milk taste on your tongue after drinking milk a sign of a milk allergy?

 My nose bleeds every night?
My nose bleeds every night when I'm sleeping. I usually wake up with blood on my pillow. I have basic allergies (allergic to dust, pollen, fur, I get hay fever, etc) but have had a year of ...

 I have red itchy skin from hydroquinone 4% like an allergic reaction can anyone tell me what do to ?
It was mixture of hydroquinone and hydrocortisone made by a compounding pharmacy....

There is black snot coming out of my nose?
Okay, there is black snot coming out of my nose. Not all of the snot is black, but just chunks of it.
I'm not sick, i just had to blow my nose and black/grey stuff came out of my nose.
This has happened more than once.

Unfortunately, you are going to die

My advice would to go to the doctor.

well i got with gazzle or some thinging like that her name (if i did it right after her) it is mostley like tar my dad i a lpn he told me it was the tar from smoking

One possible cause is from smoking. If you've been smoking weed, cigarettes, or hookah anytime recently it could be what's giving you the black stuff in your snot.

i say you have been using black spray paint in a inclosed area

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