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 Why two appointments for braces?
I just had the necessary teeth pulled, and my dad made two appointments for braces, one on the 3 and another on the 10, both in december, what are they gonna do on both days?
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 Do you always have to get your wisdom tooth removed?
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 How come it feels like there is something stuck between my teeth but there is nothing?
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 Why do some people only use a retainer not full braces?
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 Would you classify your dentist as a friend?
I used to work for a dentist and she was so sad, you used to think that the patients were her friends.
She was a horrible woman who made me so sad on purpose, so i had to walk out of the job. <...

 Does a layer of plaque on the teeth add flavour to your food?

 I go to bedat 9:00 and i dont fall asleep intill 11:00 is there anyway to fall asleep sooner?

 Tooth removed yesterday and stil bleeding?
I had two wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning and I'm still bleeding. When I had the oter 2 removed, I bled all day but it stopped after 14 hours. I have been bleeding now for 30 hours. I ...

 What's an effective way to get rid of bad breath?
And no "brush your teeth" answers please....

 Does it hurt when you get your teeth pulled out at the dentist?

 Wisdom teeth need to be pulled?!?
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 How can i make my teeth whiter?
im brishing my teeth like 5 times a day and i have a cut ..please help is there something alse i can ...

 Best kind of toothpaste?
What is the best brand of toothpaste to make your teeth whiter and protect them at the same time?

Spanks. :]...

 How do you take braces off your own teeth?

 Is it possible for someone to perform a root canal on themselves?

 What is the cause of a hole in your tooth? And how can it be fixed or prevented?

 Do you brush your teeth with cold, warm, or hot water?
I used to use cold water but the past month I have been using warm....

Wake up to bleeding gums, really bad?
So I wake up every morning and spit out blood. The gums around one of my molars is bleeding on and off for the past month. Usually its fine, but it will gush for like 60 seconds a few times a day....once I spit out the blood its fine, but its a few times...and its every day. What is this?

Mandy H
Gingivitis. The doctor told me it can also be caused by sleeping with your mouth open. It gets all dried out. You can put vaseline on your gums at night before you go to bed to help them. A trip to the dentist wouldn't hurt though.

Good luck!

You have an infection, maybe it is your wisdoms? I would seek immediate dental help, use peroxide and h2o and use Listerine

ew ew ew please go get that checked out.

You may have gingivitis, where your gums become inflammed. Either you need to do more flossing, more brushing, or go to the dentist.

gingivitis, or wisdom teeth if you haven't got any yet


floss more often. It will bleed more at first, but will get better with time.

small little blistery things form between gums and teeth as the result of plaque and crap getting down there. Floss every night, brush teeth with floride at least 2x per day, use Mouthwash, listerine if you can stand it, 60 second 2x a day.

Consider a trip to the dentist, get "scaling" it will help.

Gingivitis probably. A bad case at that. See your dentist immediately. If you are afraid to, buy a toothpaste for gingivitis (pyodontyl is good). If that doesnt stop the bleeding or at least makes it mild, do go to a dentist.

75% of the population has gum disease.I ve recently seen colgate toothpaste have total care formula ,that has some stuff to address gum disease/The other guy said stuff about substance abuse causing gum disease,it can be true also with meth,alcohol,just bad nutrition,sugar diabetes,lots of things.A dental pick that shoots water is good;Theres a new form of Co -Q-10 ubiquinol;its good for gum disease,chewed and swished round gums instead of just swallowed.Scurvy is a lack of vitamin C,is associated with gum disease.My dentist said he could refer me to a gum specialist if I wanted.I had a steroid treatment in 78 by IV,I think brought on lots of troubles,incl teeth/24 hr of ACTH /like Cortisone,but full adrenal battery.I take supplements,& started taking more vit D3;Got a battery operated toothbrush for 8bucks too.

Brendon C
It could be Mouth Cancer Unfourtanetly

Try using Crest Pro Health toothpaste. It should help if you have gingivitis. It helps sensitive gums. Take care of your gums so your teeth don't start getting loose.

Sounds like really bad gingivitis. You need to start flossing regularly or you are going to develop some long term problems.

Either way, this is NOT normal! Go see a dentist!!!

I carry your heart with me...
First you should try brushing your teeth at night and in the morning.
Second you should be using Mouthwash.
Third you should be flossing.
It sounds like you are not cleaning your teeth and you have gingivitis or inflamed gums... please take care of your teeth, unhealthy teeth are gross.

YES. That Is "really bad" for goodness sake go to the Denstist ASAP...i'm sure they can help

Stop rubbing your gums with coke and brush your teeth.

Joanie Pony
That means your gums are diseased in there. If you don't get them taken care soon you will loose your teeth.

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