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Is marijuana good for people with asthma?
I have asthma, and when I smoke marijuana, it makes me feel like I can breathe easier and my lungs dont feel so tight. I have had asthma ever since I was ten months old, and I am 23 now and my asthma is as bad as its ever been..

it's not good for anybody. If you want to die young, good luck

Mariju.ana is NOT GOOD FOR ANTHING SO STOP USING IT BEFORE YOU RUIN YOUR LIFE. It ultimately makes astma worse.

Even if it were good for asthma or for anything else, before you try it be sure you wish to be mental disturbed or HIV-positive in the future, just by breathing it.
And a note: by smoking marijuana, your nervous system is being "expanded". By asthma it is "contracted" and this is why you feel netter. But this is not really a therapy, because it last only for a while. So what you need, is a non-toxix and non-oppressing therapy, which will bring your nervous system back to it's normal (permanent). It's the same as if you constantly try to heal headaches with Aspirin, or even worse with ponstan. Headaches can be the result of many causes. Those drugs simply cover the pain and let the way free for the destruction of your organism, while you think the storm is gone.

it's only good for people that have M.S or cancer patients other than that no not good for u at all.

Actually when I was younger I did use marijuana for my asthma, but I didn't smoke it, it was made into a tea for me.

It did help at the time.

But I still recommend going to a respiratory specialist.

Rocky W
No its got good for you. The reason the 'think' you are breathing easier is the high. Actually your lungs and bronchi tubes are working harder than ever. Please don't smoke anything for your health. Asthma is difficult and hard enough on you without adding to it.

I've heard allot of people say this friends and online. I have no clue about any validity in it helping asthma. It sounds unlikely. But weed is a strange thing.

But I do know there are studies proving it can help other lung problems because it increases the blood flow. You of course would want to smoke out of a vaporizer.

well if your asthma is a bad as its ever been don't you think you answered your own stupid question?

It is still smoking and can be deadly for an asthmatic.The reason you feel better is because you are high and relaxed.You don't actually get any releif from smoking weed.Maybe you asthma is worse now more than ever is because of the weed?

It might feel like you can breathe easier because you are high, or you might actually be able to breathe easier because you are relaxed, but smoking anything is a horrible thing to do when you have asthma.

No, putting smoke into your lungs which already having trouble with its oxygenation is not good for you.

No, it's horrible for your asthma. It might make you relax, sure - but the damage it's doing to your lungs is worse than with plain cigarrettes.

Don't get me wrong - i'm all for medical marijuana - but NOT for using it if you're asthmatic.

Eat organic stuff
Absolutly not. marijuana is so bad.i mean its a drug its not good for anyone!!!!!

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