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 I lost my eldest brother to cancer 3 years ago. I wasn't there when he died and i feel so guilty about that!

 Could I have a brain tumor?
For the past few weeks, I have had headaches that started off not painful but now are starting to be a little painful. Also, I have always seen floaters in my eyes because I rub them too much. H...

 Is there a Required Age to get a Colonoscopy?
I would like to get a colonoscopy. I have good medical insur. I am 27 years old. My uncle passed away from colon cancer in his 40's. Id i asked my doctor to order up me one, would he say no?....

 Does anyone know if God heals someone with cancer?

 Hullo folks! Anyone out there dying of cancer?
I think I am - lets get together and moan a bit.
Additional Details
Thanks for your responses.
Nothing to joke about?
Well, it's better than bawling, isn't it?...

 Does Chemotherapy get worse and more difficult w/ each treatment ? my mom is having her 2nd one tomarrow I?
have read many book on Breast cancer ......... But still dont know what to expect any info thats helpful and prayers ...

 What is the real reason that marijuana is illegal?
I ask because it is reported to help those who have extreme pain from cancer and alchole causes may problems in families and isn't illegal. Cigarrettes also cause may problems to ones health....

 I would like to know if N.H.S G.P can keep a very elderly patients condition secret?
I am 82yrs old.Have widespread Arthritis.In recent months I have had a colonostomey.Severe Diviticulitis diagnosed. Since then I have had much bloating of my stomach. I think I need an investigation ...

 Why do so many people smoke although most of them know that it's the leading cause of lung cancer?
What does it take to make them stop smoking?...

 I want to quit smoking, but i can't. I'm not a heavy smoker. I just consume 5 sticks a day. Is it hazardous?
35 years old and smoked since 17, but never been a heavy smoker....

 Anybody know any treatment or supportive care treatment for cancer patient stage 4?

 Why is it that being overweight as a woman, puts you at greater risks for cancer?

 How many stages are there in cancer?
At what stage would a cure through chemo be unlikely??
I know every cancer is different and it's not possible to say exactly, but any advice would do..
Additional Details

 Do you have a close family member with cancer?
Hello, I'm 13, and recently, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It is still in the first stage, and it is in the lymph nodes in his tonsils. I was just curious if anyone has a close family member ...

 My Doctor says I have testicular Cancer...but Im a girl!?
Should I get a new Docter?...

 Dad has colon cancer, and surgery is in the next 10 hours.. should i be there ?
Its midnight here.. Canada.. (Manitoba)...it 10 hours or so, my dad will be having his surgery (colon cancer).. I for sure plan to see him tomorrow.. just wonder, if and what he will be like after ...

 Does deodorant cause cancer ?

 Does cancer hurt?

 How long can a cancer patient live w/o chemo?

 What do we mean by bowel movement?
i have syptomes of cancer alteration of bowel movement....

I have a sore throat and I am coughing up blood is this normal?

no! are you seeing a Dr. get to a Dr. and I hope your feeling better.now get

Are you dumb, or just plain stupid?

You need to see a doctor ASAP.

maybe you ate a red popsicle and choked on it. you are coughing that up

No but its not an dier desies its probly just a severe cold or flu

I'm not a doctor or anything but that don't sound normal. If you smoke, some cigarettes can make your lungs bleed and you might want to think about some kind of meningitis.

Absolutely not! Go see a doctor immediately!!!!

Be quick to go and see a doctor. It's serious
I would never have time to post that question here, I would rather go and see a doctor.

Coughing up blood is never normal....

Go to the Doctor NOW> coughing up blood is not normal.

Tom W
Honestly you need to see a doctor and soon

no go to the hospital

Lori A
You really have to ask that question??

See a doctor, pronto! Coughing up blood is a symptom that something is seriously wrong, and it could even be life threatening.

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