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Master Manipulator
I brush my teeth, and tong very well. But after 4hrs or so i still have bad breath, what am i have to do now
Please i need an answer from anyone. Bye

you also need to floss and use mouthwash

mickey diddly
Learn how to spell TONGUE and correct your grammer.

Gargle a cup of lukewarm water mixed with salt or half a lemon juice.This is best done before going to bed. Chew Parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. More useful remedies at http://useinfo5.blogspot.com/

laurel g
have you been to a dentist, lately? Seriously, teeth that need attention can cause bad breath. Do you smoke? Smoking will cause bad breath. Do you use mouth wash after brushing, or mouth wash little tabs that can melt in your mouth during the day? They are very helpful. Are you eating something that does cause bad breath? drink more water, for sure, and try to see if drinking the water will help your breath to smell sweeter. Drink Propel mineral water that is slightly sweetened with strawberry or grape, and see how that works on your breath during the day. Good luck!

Aside from using floss and getting checked for cavities you might need a "deep cleaning"...a procedure where a dentist cuts under your teeth to get at pockets of plaque that have gathered directly under the teeth where it is impossible to brush or floss.
I had the same situation (IE no matter how well I brushed/flossed my teeth my breath was terrible) and that did the trick.
On the side, once you have deeply flossed and opened up most of the gaps you can that can contain bacteria, use Mouthwash and salt water and gargle for 1 minute...this is about the best cheap-substitute for deep cleaning there is.

Dr. Dave
You brush you teeth and tong for four hours?
WOW!!!! That's a long time!
If you have bad breath after all that work I'd consider changing something - I just don't know what.
Perhaps brushing them for 6 hours?

Amanda D
try using floss and Mouthwash but you could have something else wrong try calling a dentist and asking them

Eat yogurt every single day, it helps your digestion. I've been eating yogurt for 3 years. I used to have bad breath. Now I never do.

oh geez
I'd suggest you go to the dentist first and let him know your problem. If he can't find any reason for the bad breath I'm sure he'll direct you as what to do next.

i was dealing with that problem my self no matter what i did [brushed, flossed, mouth wash, chewing gum], nothing helped.but as it turns out i had an infection and the bad taste and smell went away when i took an antibiotic ...you could have an ongoing infection some where in your body and not know it another possibility is diabetes [and being in ketosis from low carb diet] can cause bad breath

You might have a cavity or several. Or your mouth may be to dry. Try this Mouthwash called Oasis, it should help, I think its kind of expencive, but give it a try!!!!!!!

"Protein breath" could also be the reason, that is your dieting is not comfortable for your stomach. You should check it out at Internal Medicine.

Try flossing, using Mouthwash or flouride. Sometimes using those extra things can clean up what you missed, such as food particles, that are causing the odor.
You may need to see your dentist about other methods of care, as some people will continue to have bad breath after doing even all of these things.

The same with what CuriousA asked, likewise I suggest that though brushing is the basic thing to do to get rid of bad breath, by removing plaque and tartar, still it can not completely solve the problem of bad breath. Bad breath can be kept under control by tooth brushing and flossing and maintaining a good oral hygiene and also necessary, using Antibacterial products at http://www.oramd.com/bad-breath.htm that kills bad breath bacteria away leaving your mouth 24 hours free from foul breath.

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