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 Could this be a staph infection?
My friends son just showed me a wound he has had for a month. it is about and inch and a half long and wide and is draining pus. It is very red...and he has had it for a month.


 What types of Diseases can you catch by using a public bathroom??

 Hepatitis C help?
I had blood work done and my hepatitis c antibodies test came back positive. My doctor said a 0 is normal and mine came back 0.1, not 1 but 0.1
He said my liver function was normal and I should ...

 How can I tell if an illness is viral or bacterial?
I have a cough with a lot of phlegm and think I have a virus. I think it's a cold, but a friend tells me I should take anti-biotics as it could be a bacterial in my lungs.
Is there an easy ...

 Just back from England it never stopped raining people dying of cold and influenza?
I have returned to the sun and thought I had escaped the English bugs but being on an aircraft for 4 hours with everyone coughing and sneezing all over me I could not escape it and now I cant get ...

 How long does it take a tick infected with lyme disease to transmit the disease?
I've heard it can happen within seconds of the bite, and I've heard it takes 24-48 hours of a 'blood meal'...

 What is the best treatment for arthritis?

 Sore throat, cough, and fever......?
I have a sore throat and this cough which is kind of deep and I'm usually either really cold or really hot. I didn't go to school on Friday because I really wasn't feeling well. It ...

 What would you do if AIDS where air-borne?
I've always wondered why the most deadly diseases usually have a not-too-efficient means of transmissal. Imagine ebola being air-borne, cancer being transmitted by body contact or AIDS being air-...

 Do you know how e. coli gets into ground beef?

Additional Details
ugh! so gross!!!...

 Where does resistance to antimicrobial compounds come from?

 Are you worry of the spread of Birds Flu ?

 Esophageal Candidiasis, anyone?
I'm 11 if it makes a difference and the doctors of KU Medical Center have diagnosed me with Esophageal Candidiasis. I'm wondering if anyone can give me information about that. T...

 Why do my mouth or bucal cavity feels like as in High fever.?
I am 57 years old women . My weight is 140pound. Since last 3-4 months I feel at night as we feel when we suffer from high fever. like dry salty or I can not explain it.I don't know what is this....

 Is my son immune to chicken pox?
My 4 year old son has, on several occasions been around other kids in different stages of chicken pox but has never had them himself. Both me and his Dad had them as children....

 Life and death is at stake ... please help if you know anything?
a normal person's blood platelet count should read 150,000 to 500,000. a patient who's down with dengue fever, blood platelet count read 11,000 now.

is there any food that ...

 Is there a doctor in the house?
I went to the doctor on wednesday i was diagnosed with bronchitis, he didn't give me any antibiotics, which is fine but he did give me a inhaler and told me to take paracetamol for my ...

 Best way kissing for better feeling,lips or anybody part?
i am ...

 Sinus Rinse, Bromelain-Sinus Ease, and Oil of Oregano....good combination to fight an ongoing sinus infection?
Z pack, Prednisone, Allegra-D didn't work. Just finished my bottle of Augmentin. Still no work. I have been taking Rhinocort as well. It's been ongoing for two months....

 Can you get bell's palsy again?
I am starting to feel the same pain in my neck and behind my ear.I still have problems from the first time 9 months ago so I don't know if it could be a part of that.but I am scared it is ...

Liz S
How many eggs do head lice lay a day?
My son caught head lice at school evry time I get rid of them a couple of days later his head is full of eggs again!!! I can't even see big ones... do the tiny ones lay eggs too? And how many does each one lay a day?

Snot Me
hang on a min il count... 1...2..3.....4. sorry for bein forcecious. ive never had them. i heard theyre nasty

A lot.

Time@ Time

The problem might not be on his head, with lice you have to bleach everything!

Darryl H
Head lice live for about three weeks.
The female lays up to six eggs a day,
which she attaches to the hair near the
scalp. The eggs hatch about eight days
later, days after hatching the new lice start to lay eggs - and the cycle begins again. In a person with an infestation, there
are usually about 10 adult head lice on
the scalp at any one time, although
there may be many more in some cases.

I am sorry to hear that. My children came home from school with them as well. You need to check with the school if other children still have it or not. And make sure no one else in your famly has it. Also dont share your brush at this time. There is a kit that will dected when you find a egg in there head. Make sure you look very well. I am not sure how many. I am not being mean but I dont think that how many is the issue here. Please take this serious. You may have to toss out your brushes and wash all bedding. Once again make sure other people around your child are not still caarrying it. Even check your self it your around this child. Very time worthy job to do, but dont let it get out of hand. The RId solution is very easy to use. You might even have to use it a couple of times. GOOD LUCK

the small ones lay more eggs than the large ones. lay up to 100 eggs in 30 days

Lice eggs on the hair very close to the scalp are the primary sign of an active infestation. A female can lay up to 50-150 eggs in its life, but it can lay up to 100 eggs in 30 days.
Please see the web pages for more details on Head louse.

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