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How do you make your stomach stop hurting if you held your pee too long?
Sometimes mine hurts so bad that I cant stand up strait. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain?

do NOT drink Cranberry juice!! I know everyone says to, but the reality of it is, there is sugar in it and it can make the infection worse. The best "home remedy" is to take Cranberry pills, there is no sugar in them. However i would highly suggest you go to the dr. I had one once and i didnt even have to see a dr or nurse, all i had to do was go in get a cup, pee in it, bring it back and bingo they wrote me a prescription! However, it doesnt sound like a uninary tract infection, if you had one of those it would burn like mad when you pee, you may however have a bladder infection and that can usually be tested the same way, call your dr and let them know you THINK that is why your stomach is hurting, you never know, it could be something else and it never hurts to get checked.

U might wanna try some Azo found in most pharmacy drug stores and also see doctor.

First, don't hold your PEE!!! Second, You should take a Peptobismol! They helped me!

dont do that again there is nothing you can do now

cranberry juice

Pain and sensitivity in your stomache or lower back are signs of urinary track infections. Other symptoms sometimes include fowl smelling urine, dry Skin, nausiousness, dizziness just to name a few. So you should definitely go see your doc you probably need Cipro (antibiotic) for a uti.


dont hold ur pee. u can get a urinary Tract infection. i got 2 of those in my lifetime, ur back side will hurt. u need to go toi a clinic and get these pills take em for a week and ul;l be fine.

This might sound ironic, but drink some water. It will help relax your muscles.

Go see the doctor you may have a urinary Tract infection

I would pee. find a toilet though. you would get there using those things down at the bottom of your legs...we call those feet. Stand upright on them, move one "foot" infront of the other foot until you make it to the toilet. In your case assuming you are a girl. You will want to sit down. Then just sit back grab a magazine and just relax. The thing you are feeling is the pee leaving your body. It's OK!!!!!! Just sit until the hurting goes away. Then bango!!!! You are cured. Then take 2 asprin and call me in the morning.

Drink some Cranberry juice mixed with seltzer equal parts.

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