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Itchy Head??
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How do I use duct tape to help get rid of a small plantar's wart on the bottom of my right foot?

That's retarded. Go to a doctor and have them removed.

If it is possible, i don't know how. There are many wart removers on the market that works relatively well though. I myself had to get rid of a small plantar a couple weeks ago, and did it the hard way. Your best bet is to go to a good dr, and have it frozen (cryosurgery) off. This way there is no pain involved, and the skin heals from the inside out untill it simply falls off.

Plantar's wart needs to be seen by a doctor!!! For now, put a banana peel on it - peel up.

The Anthwer Man
Interethting quethtion.

duct tape will not do the job,, a planter wart can never be totally gotton rid of ,, it is a virus ,, it may disappear , nut can reappear at ant time. go to plantar.org.. some very good info there.
it it appears on the heel of the foot ,, it is called a fisheye,, because it looks like a fish eye. good soaking of the feet will help to soften it up.. and put on some good moistering cream on a dailey basis will also help. and keep the feet goog and clean and dry all the time is good..

It may or may not work.
Put a piece of it on top of the wart. Keep it on until it looses it stickiness. Reapply. What this does it cut off the oxgen to the wart, making it die and fall off.
This takes time and patience

Just be sure to keep it on the area, at all times...until it goes away.

This really must work, because I overheard a doctor that I worked for recommend this method to a patient.

Good luck!

Cover the wart completely with the tape. When it falls off replace it ASAP. The wart will die off after a while (time varies!). Make sure that there is no air under the tape coz its the lack of oxygen that kills the Wart-Off...;

i know all about warts, I had 29 plantars on the bottom of my right foot, one on the back of my head, then I got one underneath my pinky toenail, and 4 on my left foot. So I know.....lol, you just put a small piece of ducttape over the wart, and make sure there are no airbubbles in it. Warts thrive on oxygen, and by using duct tape, you are cutting off the oxygen supply to the wart. This helps kill it, but I suggest for fast relief to go to a dermatologist and have them laser it off......or use a wart removal kit, like duoplant :) Hope this helps.....also, electrical tape works well too :) make sure you replace it often, and don't cut off your circulation :)

If you have insurance, go to Doctor, and he will remove it. If you do not have insurance it is written up in alternative medicine. You can try in Search for questions, and see if there are answers.The Google engine search also has detailed description of treatment with duct tape. Keep duck tape on for six days then soak the foot in water, rub with pumice stone and repeat process for up to 6 mos. It does take patience. you need to persist. I hope this is helpful

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