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mr question
Does bleach cleam out your system?

NO!!!! Bleach is a POISON that can cause severe internal burns if ingested. It can also cause DEATH. Read the label; even if you get it on your skin, you are supposed to wash the affected area immediately.

NO, but it can cause some major damage to your body.

It may not clean it out but it will surely burn it out. That is quite a strong alkaline substance. Being you are basically an acidic creature, guess what the results will be?

I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse. Oh yes it would clean out your system alright, it would also save the mortician a job of doing it later. What's the matter with you people
what does it say on the label, BLEACH IS POISONOUS.but IF YOU WANT TO PROVE ME WRONG WHY DON'T YOU TRY IT and let us all know what it felt like when it went down your gullet


bleach will clean out your system as it kills you painfully. are you mad?

Olivia Maer
kitchen system and bathroom system yes... not to mention clothing system

It will burn holes in your esophogus and you'll need surgery to fix it, if you don't die. I dont think it will clean you out for a drug test either. Especially considering that drugs that are in your system are usually stored in your fat. Bleach wouldn't be able to clean that out.

♪♪Knowledge is Power♪♪
I don't think so.

Virginia R
Yes but just a cap ful and don't use it to often I heard that someone used it when they went for a p*** test and they had been smoking crack and they tried it and it worked but please don't let me be helping in anything illegal because it is totally wrong to do that crap

if you mean for passing a drug test yea it will work but also make you very very sick there are other ways to get around drug test besides not doing them. One of my friends has done the bleach thing so many times he now pukes up blood often. I wouldn't suggest doing it..

Bleach will kill you.

YES!!! You are suppose to pour one capful in a bottle of water and it will clean your system out, but their are definately safer ways... try Azo Cranberry pills, they work great.

Yes - Bleach can get you squeaky clean for the embalmer>

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