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Do cider vinegar tablets really work???

NO! Don't waste your money.! I've been struggling with weight loss for years....I have been size 18 and 10...The only thing that works is cutting down calories. Good luck!

Mopar Muscle Gal
Nope- wasting your $

How can they possibly work? You have got acids in your stomach that can dissolve gistle, how on earth can something as weak as cider vinegar get through that, intact?

Eeeww! They sound gross!

A friend of mine took them for acid reflex and swears by them... She said they worked great.

depends on what you are taking them for if its to lose Waite then you are better of getting a bottle of cider vinegar and honey put it in hot water half a cup dissolve 2 teaspoons of honey in hot water then put a table spoon of cider vinegar and top up with cold water and drink it warm twice a day it will help burn up the fat as long as you are dieting do this morning and evening

elaine w
not really ,as cider vinegar is liquid

I put forty in six pints of water and still failed to get drunk - so no.

The brainteaser
yes they do, i have used them for years

The point of taking apple cider vinegar is to detoxify the body. A healthy, clean body functions more efficiently and therefore loses excess weight faster than a poorly fuctioning body in bad health. You cannot expect apple cider vinegar to work on its own, like a magic pill. It will only do you any good in conjunction with an over all healthy lifestyle. Follow the food pyramid and remember portion sizes. Make sure your getting enough water and fiber. Eat a very wide variety of food, especially fruits and vegetables. If you find you need an extra kick after doing that for a while, that is the time to start adding supplementation.

they help detox your body
so does concentrated Cranberry pills(Azo)
helps get rid of the bacteria in your body

No, save your money.

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