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Will a stye go away on its own?

yeah, in about a week. I get them a lot. It's just an infected eyelash more than likely.

I've had a stye in my left eye since i was a little child... it is still there, and appears on occasion. A hot compression can do wonders. They're painful for a bit, but eventually go away - or go into hiding, until the next flairup.

yea trends change by the minute,..don;t follow them,follow your heart :)

not sure but if u get sum cream from v chemist that will heal it Quicker

I left
I've had two and had to use an eye ointment and one drained. Go to a Dr.

I am assuming you mean styes that are around your eyes? No they generally don't go away on their own accord. They generally get bigger or may form more little styes around the original one and sometimes they cluster. The only way those can be removed is by a eye surgeon or a general surgeon. Once they are removed properly they shouldn't come back. Some people may have a burning or painful sensation around or in their eyes while other people say they don't bother them at all.

If you have a stye near one or both your eye(s) then you need to speak to your optometrist and ask him or her who they might recommend you to see to have them removed. Good luck!

With time.

Red death Princess
Yes but you need some medicens to stop the pain and conditions it can cause!




I usually just keep it clean - and it goes away.

Yeah... i think i've had a few.

I'd sugest going to a pharmacy or your doctors... it will help if they give you some ointment or something for it.

Some time they will go away. However, some time you need medical treatment

ya but u can help it by rubbing a gold ring on it

I used to get them but I had to get medicine from my doctor because sometimes they get infected.

Nurse Annie
While an eyelash stye will usually drains on its own in approximately 2 days, a warm compress can speeding healing. Apply a washcloth on the affected eye for 10 minutes, four times per day, to release the fluids that have built up inside the stye. Do not squeeze the stye. If the eyelash stye lasts more than 3 days or the infection appears to be spreading, consult your doctor.

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