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 What is atlethe's foot?
itchy ...

 Help me with my itchy skin please!?
Anyone have any good over the counter Products that relive itchy skin?
Going Crazy scratching all the time, mostly at night if anyone can relate. . .

 Can i be allergic to sweat?
Whenever i exercise the skin all over by body gets REALLY itchy. What does this mean?
Additional Details
And not i am not blonde.

I know sweat is water, but theres also urine ...

 Can you pass cold sores with a kiss?!?
Dumb question, I know. I was watching Flava of Love last night, and one of the girls kissed him and then she felt sick and thought that it was because another girl who kissed him earlier, had a cold ...

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Ok, he was born in a normal brown headed and red headed family, but every hair on his entire body is bleach blonde, BUT he has blue eyes and he can tan if he tried but mostly gets burned easily.. ....

 Is the cigarette bad for skin?

 Under her diaper she is really irritated!?!?!?!?
Okay well my daughter at first about a month ago got a small circlular spot on her butt that was chapped red skin then it started to spread. Well I thought it was just from the cold weather and put ...

 My girlfreind?
my girlfreind has scabby skin on here face she has been to the docs and tryed all sorts of creams but nothing works does anyone have any suggestions? she also has a fantastic **** ...

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will cleaning/ sanitizing your face with rubbing alcohol help reduce pimples and acne breakouts? personal experience and professional doctor replies ...

 Blisters: to pop or not to pop?

 Scar Help!!!!!Anyone!!!!!!?
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 I have had exzema for years.?
When i was a child my exzema was on the crease of the arms, and legs - mild dryness that was controlled by moisturisers.
now, im 18, since being 15/16 my exzema is no longer patches of dry skin -...

 RED DOTS ON NECK, what could this be?
My neck Saturday my boyfriend was kissing my neck alot early Sunday morning about 4 or 5am (he has alot of course facial hair and he chews tobacco all the time)

Then Sunday night my ...

 What causes skin to go wrinkly?

 Should I pop a blood blister?
It's right next to my toenail on my middle toe - It cropped up there after a long run. It's not very big....

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 Anyone know a cure for zits?

 What is the best way to get rid of "cracked heels" without spending so much money on foot spa?

 My 2 year old has had nits 6 times in 3 months?
i am at the eNd of my teather, i have tried EVERTHING (EVERY PRODUCT AVAILABLE AND EVERY HOMEMADE REMEDY) to get rid of them and now ive got them...
ive washed EVERYTHING - every bit of bedding ...

 Help with my acne pls!!??
ok i work in mc.donalds in the grills where its really hot,makes my face always oily.. i dont drink enough water maybe only like 1 glass a day, always drinking coolay and soda.. i use to work out ...

Jr ?
Why does my skin burn when i put cream on it.?
i have had dry skin for some while now and when my mom noticed it she told me to put some creme on it and when i did it started to burn and can someone tell me that if you put creme on your skin really works.

You may be a vampire. Stay away from sunlight and seek a doctor.

ur probitly allurget but be4 u bye another cream go to teh doctor and have him subcribe and spical 1 just 4 u


maybe you have an allergic on the cream or your skin is not really into using creme......
Creme is not really good on all skin because we had different skin types so maybe in your skin its not really good or maybe just change the brand of the creme you are using.............
or better consult a dermatologist on your skin conditions.............

sounds like you're allergic to it

try a diffrnt cream my man

that kind of irritation usually stems from allergy. You should stop using it and consult a dermatologist.

Livy Rawrrr!
hmm maybe your sooo dry that it would burn or because your allergic....

Rainbow Raven
Use plain vasoline, rub that in well, then put on rubber/plastic gloves...sleep this way. The fragrance in the lotion may make your skin burn. Also, there may be other ingredients in there that you could be allergic to.

the cream has perfume in it

Either allergies or if it is like BenGay or has a hot/cold reaction but the reaction is very strong then it is because you used a lot.

Because you suffer from very dry Skin you need a cream that will calm the dryness like Eucerin cream. That is the best. Make sure its fragrance free.

That means you might be too dry and sensitive for the cream. You might want to try a sensitive lotion or aloe vera to moisturize your skin

I♥David and Tom
you might be allergic to it. check the ingredients.

allergic reaction

Elizabeth B
it does work try a different cream

maby it is expired

If the cream has a high content of alcohol (many lotions do) it will burn. Check the ingredients.

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