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NO I...

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More towards backne, but that will also work for Face Acne

Ive use A LOT of products, i don't just quit after i day, i use the full product for months or until it runs out; and they ...

Why are our palms white?


bre<3 in wonderland
because our hands are never facing the sun. The top of our hands are facing the sun but not our palms.

palms are green..
go to florida, and you will see that.

Cause they aint exposed to the sun as much as the top of our hands. Just like the bottom of our feet.

because this is one of the parts of the body that doesnt get as much blood flow as the rest of the body so in turn it is not as dark and also its a spot where the sun fails to hit as much

Angela P
as outr hands arent really in any danger from the sun, there is not a lot of melanin in the hands and feet

Because long ago when god created the first human he decided we would have 2 feet and 2 hands and 2 ears and 2 legs and 2 arms etc. he also decdied that it doesnt matter who you are or your race, but that everyone would have white palms.

Technically there is no physical evidence to answer your question.

lol, dunno. Ask God.

humans don't have any color pigment on the palms of the hand or bottom of feet.

i agree with the dude above me

Quin M
Your palms should be whiter than the rest of your hand because your palms are not exposed to the sun a lot

DreadHead :j
ive asked that to lol haha its like your hands and feet dont have alot on ligement ? in them (sorry if i spelt that wrong) or something like that lol and they dont get ask dark

Because you are a BLACK WOMEN


not as much blood can get to them

Coler fringment or w.e

and no sun

Lester J
I dont know, mines are pink.

Cookinpup is dead on....because skin pigmentation isn't found on bottom of your feet or palms. Im assuming you arent caucasion? In african americans this is the case, lack of skin pigments in bottom of feet and hands makes those parts stand out from the rest of their body.

Sun doesn't reach them as easily.

Because they aren't exposed to the sun as much as our other body parts. Its just the way they are angled.

Cause when God was spray painting us, he made us put our hands on the wall to keep us steady. That also explains our feet being white too.

cause everyone's got a little good in them ;) haha just messing. I apologize to any easily offended colored people.

because people always have their palms facing their bodys and the sun doesn't hit is as much as the other side of your palm

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