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When i turn my head my kneck is creaky?
or who can help me as i am sceptic of general medicine,.when i turn my head i can hear below my head creaky sounds,..mike

Seamus K
your probably going to die soon

Take fish oil pills

Chris L
a little is ok. like if you gotta be in dead silence and trying to listen to hear it is no biggie. if it is loud as hell the you might wanna go see someone. if you hate most doctors, then you are screwed. having neck and back troubles myself, i have found that ciropractors work rather well.

T esira
You could have xRay done and then have someone, either your doctor or a chiropractor or other health professional that is trained to read xRay's sit down with you and explain the creaky sounds. Normal degeneration of the bones is one cause, another is if you've been in an accident of some sort that might have involved that area of your body. It's a good idea to have it checked out, it will help to ease your mind on what's occurring or not occurring. If you really don't want to see someone who practices western medicine, you might consider finding an alternative health expert in your area. Perhaps someone who does cranial-sacral work.

Mine does not so much creak as to give a sharp crack together with a jolt of pain. Every once in a while I put my right hand over my head onto my left ear and give a sudden tug, The crack goes KRAK the pain shoots off and then I'm OK for about six hours, I've had it for years and never though anything odd about it. Sometimes makes me feel like Igor in the Frankenstein films.

you slept on it weird

Maybe your head is loose. LOL !!!

same here. I dont think its anything serious. You hear it when it's really quiet and you turn your neck slowly, right? i don't it's anything serious. I find that my neck does this when i have been sitting in the same position or haven't moved for a while. It's probably just bones or your spinal cord settling, nothing serious.

YTou sure it's not your neck and not your kneck which is part of your rectum!!

That creaky/crunchy sound is actually your neck muscles, its caused by tension around that area and makes popping sounds when you turn your head. I used to think it was bad joints crunching but an osteopath assured me that it was neck muscles and nothing to worry about. try changing your posture so that your eyes are level with the top 1/3 of your monitor.

I ♥ Curtis
i dunno wut to do cuz mine duz tha same thing (kinda sounds lyke a squeeky door) maybe its normal

Nothing to worry about, just wear and tear I'm afraid. Buy some oil for the purpose and give the bones in the back of your neck (your spine) a Gentle daily massage. Treat yourself to a decent pillow for when you go to bed too.

i was told once, that it is arthritis.

Laura J
You have been secretly abducted by aliens and they replaced your consciousness into a machine... Kidding aside, you can see a chiropractor. You probably just have a disk out of alignment.

You should visit a chiropractor and get a neck/spine adjustment.

Docta Jones
Mine does too. A chiropractor can help.

try drinking joint juice.
it's the cartilage in ur neck. its probably a little dry
yes, joint juice should work.

i you took some general medicine like WD 40 and oil it it should be ok

It's just your neck vertebreas.
I think if you're in a stiff position for a long time without moving it happens.
The vertebreas brush against each other?

jesse d
Please go to a chiropractor,your vertebrea may be out of line and you need to get it taken care of.

skater man
you are fine dont worry bout it

drop the k and see if that helps.


Mine also
it started when I changed my sleeping room and bed
so it seems it is stiff and We have to relax and find a better sleeping way

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