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When i scratch my head, i get white stuff under my nails, what could it be?
it doesnt look like dandruff,
i mean i dont see flakes on my hair, only when i scratch it i see it under my nails
is it normal?
maybe i scratch to hard?

gross...its definitely dandruff! take a shower every day and wash ur hair thoroughly!!!

Dandruff. Your scalp is obviously flaking due to being dry. You should try Head and Shoulders shampoo for dandruff or Neutrogena T gel shampoo which also gets rid of dandruff.

the afro man
dandruff for sure

Dead skin cells.

It is dry scalp, u need to oil your hair good or leave babyoil in it over night.
When u wash your hair good, be sure to rinse in heavy waters to get all bubbles out of scalp.


its dandruff
what colour hair do you have? b/c if you have darker hair it will look like dandruff but if you have lighter hair then its harder to find

Hannah B
dandruff or psoriasis

Phoebe V
It is probably Dandruff. If you just began noticing it, there probably isn't much on there. Also, if you have blond hair, then you may not notice it. Dandruff is easy to see on my hair, which it almost black.
Try washing your hair with special Dandruff shampoo. I wash mine with that every night. Sometimes I mix in a little bit of another kind of shampoo so that my head won't get tired of one type of shampoo.

its too much shampoo or SOAP residue from washing your hair. or the fact you never cleaned your head right the last time you had lice.

Sounds like you have dandruff. There are different types of dandruff. Some people have a very dry scalp, and have small dry flakes of dandruff visible on their hair and clothing.

The other type of dandruff is caused by a fungal infection. The reaction caused by byproducts of the fungus lead to large greasy scales. Usually these scales adhere to the scalp and cause itching. When you scratch you may see big white/yellow flakes under your nails.

Different types of dandruff shampoos treat the different types of dandruff. For example, a shampoo with 2% Salicylic Acid would treat dry dandruff the best. It would increase the turnover rate of the scalp, leading to smaller, less visible flakes. However, the ingredients in Selsun blue or head and shoulders are actually Antifungals and would work best on a fungal type of dandruff.

It is best to wash your hair daily (dandruff is generally not caused by dry scalp alone) with a dandruff shampoo and try not to scratch too hard. Fingernails are dirty, and it is easy to get a bacterial infectin of the scalp if the skin is broken.

If nothing helps, see a doctor. He can prescribe a stronger shampoo or scalp preparation.

hope this helps....

The GodBrother
You Could Have lice Ask A Friend Or Doctor To Check

Mental Patient 29
its just residue and grease i have the same thing just use herbal essences and it will go away

I think it probably is dandruff.

You might have dandrift , perhaps using head and shoulders shampoo , it often cures that problems withen a week

Jessica's advice
its dandruff. ur scratching ur scalp and ur get dangruff under ur nails. dandruff its just flakes

student network noob
could be your hair products

Yoda's Duck
Hmmm sounds like my husband... His skin is actually very oily, and with his hair being so outrageously thick, ugh!!!

Normal, healthy skin cells (on your arm, scalp, back, etc) die and flake off on a regular basis. Usually, the flakes are too small to see.

A couple cases where that is not the case-- When you get a sunburn, a LOT of skin cells are killed by the sun and can peal off in big pieces...

In the case of my husband, the oil his skin produces combines with the dead skin cells making a nasty caky substance. His thick hair prevents these nasty caky things from just falling out onto his shoulders, etc.

A friend of mine (a cosmetologist) suggested Nutrogena's Tea Gel Daily Control. Paul Mitchell and Braccato also have tea tree products- "Anything with tea tree is good!" She said NEVER, EVER use Head & Shoulders- it has a chemical in it that is great for cleaning your stove and oven... so, uh, not a good idea. (Apperantly, she's tried it, smells tons better than the usual oven cleaner.)

The girl that cut my hubby's hair suggested American Crew's Sport Tea Tree Shampoo. It seems to be doing the trick.

Because your hair is in the way, the dead skin cells don't always come out like they're supposed to- make sure you're scrubbing your scalp when you shampoo and rinse thoroughly!! That should help, too.

Best of luck.

you aren't rinsing well enough...its dry shampoo. Also if you use any hair products it could be that too.

East Texan
it is dry scalp.. the beginning of dandruff. get some medicated dandruff shampoo and use it. it works.

That is normal, it's natural oils from your scalp. Scratching it is not good though, you can do damage to your scalp.

skin cells, left over shampoo/conditioner, product you use.
unless its flaky, wouldnt worry about it
try a clarifying shampoo

Just dry Skin

Or maybe you didn't rinse the shampoo out of your hair well enough so there's some residue.

It could be almost anything like, dandruff, dried soap, etc. I would make sure you rinsed your hair good.

it could be like the scalp dead skin.
i think you're scratching too hard.
or change shampoo

Just me
yea thats dandruff.. mine islike that maybe oncea month I guess my head gets too dry it aggravated me.. buT I use the Selsun Blue it works.. use it like 3 times a week and A Shampoo that moisturizes.. but Im sure the stuff Under Your Nails is like the dead skin on ur head. . I had that last night ugh I hate it.. well I hope this hElped

You probily have dandrive or something. Just wash your hair!

Could be skin or maybe styling products you use.

dandruff, or just dead skin you are alright

It is called dead skin on your scalp, and everyone has it.

dandruff- dry scalp Don't worry about it.

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