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lauren d
When i go to the bathroom i have these little tiny white worm looking things that come out. What is this?
I've noticed this for some time but too embarassed to go the doctor, is there something i can do myself to get rid of them?

Go to the drug store and ask for a worming tablet, its good to take them every now and then even if you don't have them so don't be embarrassed.

Mad as Rabbits
You have ring worms. You probably got them from a pet who has them. Just go to your doc and get some meds before they eat you alive.

jk...they won't eat you alive...but they do feast upon your internal organs.

"Miss IQ"
OMG! I had that happen 2 me when I was about 12yrs. old...but I didn't go 2 a doc...and Yes! I was as well 2 embarrassed 2 tell anyone...eventually they went away on their own...but someone told me that I may have gotten them from drinking from a hose pipe which I had done earlier b4 that occurred...Seriously, though it's not life threatening and they are actually trying 2 find their way out...so just go w/ the flow and maybe try not 2 eat 2 much sugary candy!!!!! :))

Dude.... go to the doctors..... this is common, and he wont judge you

I am a M.A. student and you have what they call tape worms. You definitely need to see you physician. This can be treated, but I would not wait. If you wait, this can cause you serious problems in the future. Make an appointment ASAP!

they are not ring worms as inaccurately put before me - ring worm is actually a fungal infection, a dermatoses, on the skin in the shape of a ring. but anyhow - you most likely have pin worms and you definitely need to go to your physician.

You need to get help from the doctor, so you can get the right antibiotics for you worms. The earlier you go the less complicated, since if you postpone it to long it can cause serious and perminant damage. So you should go as soon as possible, you should be embarrsed since your doctor is there to help you. Its actually common to have worms, my cousion and pet cat got it. I hope you go and get better. Sorry i dont know of any methods you could use at home. So go call your doctor and get the antibiotics. You probolly will only get pills, so go.

Brittani Linn
My sister actually had this problem. It was something about the food shes eaten. Just take in the fecal sample, or have a friend and get on antibiotics. I think thats the only way. A doctor cannot laugh at you or share your information with anyone else its part of there "laws" they break that and they can get fired. I'd rather be embarrassed for a half an hour and be healed than live with that.. also check online at WEBMD.com sometimes they have solutions. Good luck!

humans can get worms.

i know it is icky, but you can't cure it yourself - you need medicine. doctors have seen this before, you aren't the first one.

Trust me, go to the doctor. It's not worth it to die if it's something serious just because your embarrassed. I think everyone worries about it at first but once you get it done, it won't be so bad. So just forget how you feel and go!

you might have tape worm, just go to the doctor. their jobs are never pretty. dont risk your health, go see a doctor.

You have to go to the doctors, worms are never good.

You have worms and are afraid to go to the doctor? GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No you probably have worms you should go to the doctor immediately.

its probably tape worm, no you need to go to the doctor they arent too serious but left untreated the can cause urinary tracct infection and other damage

no, you really need to see an MD... soon.

You need medication, because you have worms, and if not treated, could cause serious complications...see a doctor...

It sounds like you have an intestinal parasite called pin worms. You will need a prescription medication to kill them, and you will have no choice other than seeing a doctor. They are relatively common so although it is uncomfortable to talk about it is really something you have to do. If left untreated the parasite can migrate from the intestinal tract to other areas of your body and cause damage to your organs. The doctor may want to see what they are so collect a sample and make an appointment without delay. Take Care and Good luck don't worry about embarassment you can do it.
P.S. Antibiotics will not kill them you need an antiparasitic.

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