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When I squeeze my nose...white stuff comes out of my pores...what is it?

Sinan D

little white heads(pimples)

puss.it happends to everyone..

oil....skin oil...

Energetic Tomboy
puss? maybe.....

Pus from black or white heads. Apply some alcohol to dry them up and don't pick too much.

Make sure you wash your face in the morning and before bed.

I'm a nurse, oil build up you are OK it's normal.

oil collects in your pores and occassionally will become infected( a pimple). The white 'stuff' is white blood cells(puss) sent to deal with the infection.

it just oil buid up from the day...use hot wash cloth to release it from your pores and your skin wiil be fine

Quantum Aurelius
First, this is normal.

It is a combination of excess skin oil and your bodies' natural cleaning system, the good 'ol white blood cells and fluids (usually siphoned off by the limbic system when possible). Nist people just call it pus, but in this instance (your nose) it is most likely the combination.

Get some Witch Hazel.

chris w
nose ****...............

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