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 I can't get rid of my dandruff, what shuold i do?
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ok i wash my hair every morning with head and shoulders before skool, ...

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Whats the best medicine/cure for dandruff?
This dandruff has been pessistant for the past fifteen years, every time the hair grows, the head skin starts to eich and iam forced to cut the hair.


use any anti-dandruff shampoo like head & shoulders thrice a week to wash ur hair. as a final rinse mix in 1/3rd cup vinegar mixed with 1/2 cup plain water. do not rinse hair after u have rinsed with this solutions. u will find the diffrence from day one.

shave it OFF ! ! !

Try Nizoral.

I have the same problem, and once the doctors prescribed some tablets for me. It was iron and vit D I think, but not sure. It stopped for sometime, but as soon as I stopped the tablets it was back.

I guess we are just cursed :-P

anti dandruff shampoo usaully works but if i was you i woul consalt and dokter or hair dresser!

there is no real cure for dandruff but anti dandruff shampoos help or you could try rubbing baby oil into you scalp prior to shampooing it

T-Gel or if you go to the doctors then they may prescribe you Nizoral in fact i think you can buy it in the shops!

john k
Any shampoo that lists Coal Tar as one of its ingredients.

Oilatum, I have psoriasis and it works a treat.

Polytar shampoo - maybe you have an underlying reason for the dandruff that needs to be diagnosed by your GP.

head and shoulders works for my husband every time!!

Ketoconazole shampoo is quite a mild shampoo leave it on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing put a small amount on your eyebrows too if they're dry but watch you don't get it in your eyes, if it doesn't help you you can try all kinds of polytar shampoos. ask your Dr or Pharmacist for advice. You can also get Betamethasone liquid, you put it on twice a day until your head feels better, however this liquid does nip a bit when your scalp is really flaky. All of these you can get on prescription from your Doctor. I found that head and shoulders always seemed to work for others but not for me until they brought out a New anti-dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner for Sensitive skin which is really good. I was once told to try Aloe Vera but this made my scalp worse. It's just trial and error until you find one that is kind to your type of skin. P.S Try not to get too stressed as this can make your condition worse. Best of luck

head and shoulders?

Polytar is amazing stuff for dandruff. You wash your hair with it twice a week and you will feel so much better. You can get it from any chemist or Boots.

T Gel is wonderful stuff. I had stress dandruff and it sorted it out no problem!

If none of the commonly avilable off the shelf shampoos have worked - Vosene, Head and Shoulders, T Gel then have your GP take a look. 15 years is a long time to have an itchy bald head.

Nutrogena T-Gel Extra Strength shampoo. Then, right after you wash your hair there's a cream called Top Brass (it comes in a blue tube). Part your hair and rub it all over your scalp. That eases the dandruff up for about a week or two depending on how serious the condition is.
You can also use other products that contain Salicylic Acid and Coal Tar.

Why not try leaving your anti-dandruff shampoo longer on your hair before you rinse it out? A good, herbal one is best.
Wash your hair atleast once a week.
I've heard sulfur soap works in extreme cases, but confirm with your stylist before you try that.
And don't worry about it. I also get dandruff in my hair; it doest screw your hair to point you have to cut it. there's hope.

Try Selsun if you can get hold of it. (It's here in U.K). It's orange and you need to remove rings etc. before use but it is very good.
Ask in the chemist for it.

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