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 My skin is dry?
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What would cause the palms of my hands to crack open?

margie h
have you used any chemicals recently without wearing gloves or it can be a reaction to somthing

or it could be...hand dermatitis

Exzema. See a doctor, he'll prescribe you cream.. or see Pharmacist.

Good luck.

Take Care,


do you wack off too much?? lol... im just playin! u might wanna go to a skin doctor and ask them about it... they'll know a lot more than anyone on here would... my guess is that they are really chapped, but i dont know.

Lots of things. Could be a fungus, or too little or too much this or that in your diet, change in temperature, anything..... The truth is you should try a hand cream and buy some Vitamin E tablets. You can break the Vitamin E tablets open, and the oil will come out. It's a clear capsule, and it basically just holds Vitamin E inside, which is a thicker oil, that your skin uses for protection, but can be applied right on to your skin. It'd be the exact same as buying Vitamin E in a bottle, but about 1/10th the price. And as always, you should contact your dermatologist. This could be a persisting problem. I know a guy that worked with me that had some condition that caused his hands to crack, and he had to apply an ointment 3x/day or he'd bleed. He also told me that he just got it one day and it wasn't something he was born with. This could be the case with you, and it could be a real problem that you want to tackle immediately. Contact your physician, and get a referral to a dermatologist. Also, don't let your doctor convince you that you don't need a dermatologist. For some reason, doctors are lazy about doing that(for what reason, I'm not sure, maybe they don't like giving other doctors business or something, it's wierd). Just tell your doctor that you would feel much more comfortable if you contacted a physician because your family has a history of skin problems or bla bla. Don't let him/her conince you that they have the answer, because regular doctors don't know 1/100th what a dermatologist does......

Very dry hands, if you are working with a substance that dries your hands, like detergent, it is best to speak to your pharmacists about a good hand cream.

Very dry Skin and calluses.

maybe lack of moisture? try a good hand cream.

If your user name depicts your job no wonder you're having trouble. Don't use strong soaps and hot water to wash your hands. I know you wear gloves, but if you ever have an occasion when you have to remove grime from your hands use olive oil to break up the grime and Dove soap to wash your hands. Make sure you use lukewarm water. Follow with Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion for extra dry Skin. Jergen's has a million different types of lotions. Make sure you get the Ultra Healing. Not only does it moisturize really well, but it also strengthens your lipid barrier so that your hands can better retain moisture. By the way, it does come in a little tube that fits in your pocket. At night time coat your hands and wear mitts to bed. Good luck

Well, if your user name is also your profession that could tell a lot. If you actually do that kind of work and wear gloves that's kind of a double edge sword. Gloves protect your hands from damage from outside forces but also dry your hands. If you do that type of work and you don't wear gloves you're shredding your hands!

You're going to have to do some heavy duty Moisturizing for an extended period of time to get them to stop. Resist the urge to peel them. When looking for a moisturizer look for something without alcohol and a lot of lanolin. I find when my hands get especially rough and dry to really dope them up before bedtime and wear socks over them. This will give the lotion time to really be absorbed. Cut down on washing with harsh soap or cleansers like Lava or worse, Comet or Ajax. One really good lotion is Eucerin. This used to be by prescription but can now be bought over-the-counter. Good luck!

Dry skin. Washing hands too much. Using your hands with dry substances...dirt, sand, etc.

Nabo's Woman
Dry skin. Or if you've had your hands in bleach, that would do it. Happened to me.

your skin is dry ???

your hands are too dry...try this...take your favorite good hand cream slather it on..wrap yur hand in saran wrap then put on mits...sleep like that...mine were bad I took Vitamin E caplets ( the kind you can pop and the Vitamin E oil come out) and put saran wrap on the used mits that were warmed from the dryer on...did that for a few days..hands all better. Same kind of thing worked for my boyfriends cracked feet too. Good luck!!!

are your hands in water or chemicals? dry weather, dry Skin.

Miso Soup
Over washing

lack of Moisturizing and hard labor that involve the steady use of your hands. try and moisturize as much as possible, especially right after you wet your hands(out of the shower or after using the bathroom)...and try and wear gloves if possible

well hard and pointy stuff also if you dont moisturize daily that happens

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