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What kind of insect bite leaves a red line leading away from the bite?
May be a spider bite.

miss america
could be infected. i'd go to the doc. if i were you.

Michael G
A red line (usually leading towards the heart) is proof-positive sign of blood poisoning. You need to see a doctor or go to the hospital ASAP.

judith r
possibly a spider bite, go to the doctor if it gets worse, or gets hot to thetouch..

IDK,but u might wanna get that checked....

This is blood poisoning. Go to see your doctor.

who be boo?
scabbies go see a doc.

Spider for sure! It it doesnt go away seea doc.

gypsy g
Go to your doctor, asap.

Twintoes is RIGHT 100%

Blood poisoning !!

The kind of insect doesn't matter right now. The fact is you could have blood poisoning (the red line leading away is an indicator), so you need to get to your doctor asap.

I think that there are several different types. The red line means that the poison is traveling to your blood stream. Go see a doctor... the sooner the better.

Sehr_Klug 50
The most common one, is the deer flea, if you live in the north east (connecticut, massachussets etc) an yes, there is a red irregular thin line migrating away from the bite, leaving a center where almost never is found the original lesion, It is called "erythema marginatum", and can cause some trouble unless you detect on time the causating germ by a simple blood test.
If no other cause is found, the common garden spider (not the black next culprit. In thatase, you need to do nothing else

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