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What is the best thing to put on your face after washing it?
To prevent the face from going dry and also to try to prevent some spots.
Additional Details
I'm 16...trying to prevent as much spots appearing on the face.

Zane Muro
Here are a few suggestions:


Grind up 2 tablespoons of papaya in a food processor, and mix in 1 tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Apply this mixture onto your skin and let it set for about 10 minutes. Remove with a wet washcloth, in a circular motion.


Cocoa butter melts at body temperature and is very effective at remoisturing the skin. Another natural wrinkle treatment with similiar properties is coconut oil.


Cucumbers are also very effective at moisturing the skin. Cut thin discs of cucumber and wipe down your skin with them. Also, you can put some cucumber in the blender, then apply the mixture as a facial mask for about 20 minutes.

a toner and then moisturizer, if you already have problems then go to the dermatologist.

If you are washing with the normal commerical products they will dry your skin out.
Use just water and Tea Tree Oil (Holland & Barrett healthffod shop) or buy an organic face wash - and see the difference. (simply-organics)

Regular Gentle steam treatment will also help unplog your pores.

Sarah J
A really nice moisturiser, with Vitamin E in it and some spf protection. There are so many on the market, you have to try a few out on yourself before your skin finds the one it finds suitable for you.

Lush do some nice ones, as they have natural ingredients and less crap in them.

Gariner Nutritionist range is also rather good too. But the expensive brands usually have the same ingredients as the expensive, so just shop around and see whats best for you.

If your getting spots though, you may have oily skin, so a moisturiser that isn't as oily would be suitable. Or you might have sensitive skin, in which case, a Gentle moisturiser would be best.


Doug B
a towel

Always finish washing with a splash of cold water then pat dry and apply a toner - this will help close / tighten the pores after cleansing and stop fresh dirt getting in and clogging them up (helping to cause spots!) then apply a good moisturiser which will act as a base for make up and also help prevent it from clogging the pores and causing spots. For spot prevention try an oil Free moisturiser such as neutregeona visibly clear - I swear by it. Basically the 3 golden rules are;

Give it a go!


use the ones that contain natural ingredients, your local health shop should have some good ones. Weleda, Dr Haushka( alittle expensive, Jason ) are good brands.
I'd use sth with tea tree that's naturally antiseptic to prevent sopts.
Please try this site, they have some.

You don't need to mosturise at 16, it'll make your skin more oily- just stay out of the sun. (oily Sunscreen will block pores too).
WITCHAZEL is a great natural remedy for spots or any skin condition. Tones the skin. lovely tingling feeling. Apply to skin -don't drink it :-)
Eventually as you get older spots will go away. I had acne when young too, oily skin when young means younger looking skin when older!


certain skin types might need ,creams or lotions .but if your lucky and your skin isnt too bad rinse thoroughly,use a good soap ,ladies make-up must come off straight away.good food plenty exercise,helps enormously.


Pink n Wise
A good oil-free moisturiser. You can buy medicated ones that would help with the spots. But remember, with a moisturiser you only get what you PAY for. Never stint on money when it comes to skincare then you won't have to worry about spots.

Some moisturiser. If your'e only sixteen buy a light one Clinique do a good range at reasonable prices. Spots unfortunately are part of the changes you are going through but keeping your skin clean and lightly moisturised by a non perfumed moisturiser should help.

A light moisturising cream, fragrance free.

I always moisturise, dont feel right if I forget to do it. What a difference it makes. You dont say how old you are, but you are never to young to start and when you do get older, you will be so glad you started believe me.

Sarah M
In my next door neighbours case a paper bag.

A smile! :-)

Just a wee bit of cold water splashed on your face to close pores.

I then use L'oreal Pure Zone Anti-regreasing moisturer - but I do have greasy skin prone to spots.

My skin has improved heaps since I started splashing cold water straight after washing my face.

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