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 Help! How to treat smelly feet?

 Ive just been diagnosed with eczema, any tips?
Hiya, I'm 20 years old and ive just been diagnosed with eczema. I was just wondering what hints and tips other eczema sufferers have? Ive been given "double base" Gel which is just ...

 Even though it's a really disgusting thing to do....?
....do you feel the urge to squeeze other people's zits when they've got a big head on them?

A bloke in my office has an enormous one on his neck, and I can't take my eyes ...

 Can anyone give me any advice about dealing with eczema please?
My 6 month old daughter has it, and we are battling to keep it under control. We use Oilatum in the bath, and 50:50 all over twice a day - more often on the problem areas. We have Fucidin H which is ...

 I have a really big wort (i think that is what it is), size of 50p, how do i remove it?
It is located just above my bum bum crease at the moment it feels hard but i sure worts are full of water, it hurts every time a sit down, lay on my back or touching it hurts too, i thought it was a ...

 I have a bump on my forehead from a trampoline accident..ice wont make it go down help!?

 Why do I get acne on my butt?
Please help it hurts to ...

 Is there any way to lessen redness & acne quickly without medication?
i really want to know. like a quick acne and redness reducer?...

 Why do insect bites Itch so much?
I mean, really, i've got 11 at the moment, and it's getting beyond a joke!!


 How do I treat a really bad sunburn??

Additional Details
thanks guys,...

 Earring infected?
i have a nervous habit of twisting one of my earring studs. i know it's bad, but i usually don't notice i'm doing it until someone points it out.
now my one earring hole is ...

 The top has fell of my mole and gone very red could it be cancerous?
I have a mole that has gone very red and there is a small amount of water coming from it, The top of the mole has actually came off could this be cancerous? ...

 Please help me with acne?
People say to put tooth paste on my acne, but I already have several acne creams, etc givin to me by my doctor. Is tooth paste better? Or should I just stick to what my doctor gave to me? I've ...

 How can I get rid of stretchmarks?

 Coldsores?how to get rid of them quicker.please help!?
I have had a coldsore for 2 days now and it is getting bigger every minute.I really could do with some tips on how to make it go down by tommorrow (if thats possible) as i have a date and do not want ...

 How can i get rid of freckles?
my freakles are all over my face there's on right on top of my nose right in the middle it shows really ...

 What is this green stuff between my toes?
I have green stuff between my toes. It smells kind of like rotten popcorn, but tastes like strawberries, gas, vomit and Vaseline all mixed together. It makes good glue for art projects, though. D...

 What is a good lotion for children with eczema?

 Why do you get white spots on your nails?

 My daughter (14) has a bump below her right ear inside her mouth what is it?
I am really nervous about this, i am going to call ther doctor in the morning. can anybody help me, it feels like it is some sort of big ...

Manoj K
What is main use of little finger?

Useful in torture

to ease ear itching

Mr Waffles
mainly to get a good grip on a coffee mug, or as ludacris calls it the "pimping" finger.

Ladybug Kisses
To balance out your hand.

some people say in 200 yrs pinky or little finger will no longer exsist.

i clean my ear with it.

some gays stick it up in the air and probally other plces too.

so I guess we need it.

Mr. Vincent Van Jessup
nose picking

Only women and gay men are socially allowed to flip this out while drinking a cup of tea! (Just kidding!)

This is the least utilized digit of the hand, the thumb being the most essential for grasping objects.

If you were missing this finger, you would make a good model for Disney Cartoon characters! (LOL)

Four fingers are more useful than 3! (Piano playing, for example. Although, Django Rhinehart, a famous guitar, player, was known to have three of his fingers burned together)

Steven Z
I think I use it most in typing these characters: qazp;/l[]1'

For the rest I don't use it much, but it's useful for playing the piano too (and guitar, and other instruments)

It helps me in playing guitar and typing on keyboard.

I Pity You Fool!â„¢
It's there to let you hold things in your hand. Be thankful you got one.

to make pinky promises :)

to pin a string down on a fret.

sofa king we tod did
it goes in the stink.

That's interesting...hm...I use it to push many keys on the keyboard! It also helps me hold my bow to play the violin. I think I heard something once about how if you grip a tennis ball and look at your hand all the fingers are almost equal distance apart and of course forms a circle. It IS the anti-thumb. I think it's pretty necessary. There is some delicate balance it helps maintain.

That's referred to as your "pinky."
For us normal people. It is used in typing and holding things.
And picking your "nose."
For the royalty. It is only used to hold it pointed out, while
drinking tea, to show they are better than anyone else. <}:-})

in some cultures it's used instead of the middle finger and as coach once said on cheers " without it you can't go swimming"

sam: why's that coach?

coach: you wouldn't be able to do this :(he wiggles his little finger in his ear demonstrating getting the water out)

use the back space button a lot :) also the shift, tab and enter keys along with all the other out side keys on the key board :)

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