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 How do i get rid of head lice?
How do I get rid of head lice?
Especially the nits! i can kill the lice but the nits keep hatching. i am cleaning my house and my car like crazy and washing everything and putting it into bags. ...

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 My son has got eczema - can it be diagnosed?
He's had it for 2 weeks and its getting worse! I put on xidol cream on him every night and I'm going to take him to the doctors tomorrow.. I feel so sorry for him as he's scratching ...

 What is the best way to get rid of head lice?

 Itchy eyes?
my left eyes, sometimes gets really itchy, then i scratch a bit and the skin kinda of peels off a bit and gets red
now aparently the other eyes started itching

what is that? and what ...

 My cholesterol is high, what can I do to get it down?

 How to treat severe sun burn !! help?
I was stranded in the ocean yesterday on a sinking boat, I was out there for four hours, and today I feel like I'm going to die!
Any suggestions on what to do?!...

 Is it possible to get rid of a tan?
My neck is really dark and now theres a tanline there. I have no clue how to get rid of it and make it lighter. I've heard of an exfoliating body scrub. I was wondering what it is and what it ...

 I blush like crazy! it has gone beyond extreme blushing.What can I DO???
i'm outgoing and not easily embaressed. but I have this massive blushing problem. I am not easily humiliated but if, for example i am called on in class or something, even if i am confident in ...

 How can I get rid of my psoriasis?
I have tried almost everything, all sort of steroid base creams, salt baths, swimming in sea water, given up smoking and drinking even junk food. I start going to gym to have better fitness, using ...

 Omg ,my hands are SOOO dry, Please help. .......?
My hands never used to do this but... My hands are dry all the time now (yes, it's winter time) But I'm noticing now that I just have to put up with them being dry... Why? Because if I put ...

 My daughter has something on her foot?
My daughter had something that looked like a pimple on her foot. I scratched it off and puss came out now it looks like a tiny wart with a dark red ring around it. What could it be?...

 Do girls care if guys have acne?
i have acne, it's a little passed moderate. it started happening around 11th grade and it just got worse and worse. i went to see a dermatologist and she prescribed some cream and pills; it ...

 What can i apply to my daughter's skin where it looks she might be getting scares from her acne?
I can't tell if the area will scare yet but I would like to apply something that might prevent or lessen any potential scarring.
Additional Details
and yes I mean Scar and not Scare....

 What do you think this skin problem is? serious answers please?
its on top of the right thigh. Little red circles/rings... but before you say ringworm:
they do not itch at all and they are not getting bigger. They pop up one at a time and then fade away. T...

 I have bumpy skin ?!
Okay to the eye it looks like i have nothing on my skin but when you touch it its all bumpy !!! i dont think its blackheads but maybe it is ?! i also have it on my arms like the outsidee =/ it doesnt ...

 Whats the best way to get rid of my sunburn (ow)?

 How do you get rid off or lessen the darkness of a hickey? I do not usually wear makeup?
So I will not be able to mask it with makeup....

 Itchy bum!!!!!!!?
Does any one have any tips for an itchy bum. I have had one for years and it drives me potty!!!!!Tried just about every cream on the market, maybe you know of some itchy bum tips....I hope so....

What could cause my son to have bumps all over his body?
My son has little bumps all over his body that aren't flea bite and his doctor said they are also not chicken pox. He has no fever and this has been going on for 3 weeks. They tend to be in groups. They go away and then reappear in a different place. I have santitzed his room in case of spiders. No one else in the house or at the babysitters has these bumps.

My son has had bumps in random places on his body since he was born! I've taken him to 4 docs for opinions- and they all say it's eczema. I treat the spots now with Cortisone cream (you can buy it at the drug store- use a thin layer over the bumps twice a day) and it makes them go away. It's worth a try!

victoria e
my little brother had that for a year...he's 10. get soft water and use sensitive soaps and detergents and jergens unscented lotion, give it a couple months...

my son has been having major break outs as well... my doctor said it was some form of acne but you really can't treat it other than keeping the skin clean and free from stuff that would cause a reaction.. try a milder detergent for clothes, a different kind of soap, like johnson and johnson baby wash.... Also told me to not wear restrictive underware, so we switched to boxers and non tight jeans..

See if that does the trick.. if not try going to the dermatologist...

He could be allergic to the soap or detergent that you are using.

Take him to a dermatologist. I have a pediatrician and a dermatologist in my family. The pediatrician readily admits that he has about 4 weeks worth of dermatology training versus the three YEARS a dermatologist has. Call a dermatologist. It could be anything from allergies to excema.

My daughter is 3 and had what seems to be the same problem all over her body. And we thought it was bug bites or chicken Pox too.

And the Doctor said he had seem it before and that it was a HEAT RASH. that's what it sounds like to me.

Linda P
It could be dry Skin. This time of year it is common. Try some lotion on him, and baby oil in the bath. (or to keep your tub from getting slick, put it on afterwards, before he towels off..)

Try washing all his clothing in a different laundry soap. Changing his shampoo/soap might help too. I'll bet it is an allergic reaction to something in his everyday environment... Anything that touchs his skin needs to be handled differently until you find the cause.. Good Luck!!

Sounds like what my daughter just went through! The doctor also told me that it wasn't chicken pox, not flea bites, not scabies(Eeew!), that it was probably some type of allergic reaction to something...Only problem with that theory was that we were doing nothing differently!
He told me to keep her away from eggs, and ground beef, until the bumps cleared up, and it helped. As soon as the bumps went away, she ate normally again, and so far so good! But I also kept her away from any beef for about 5days.
I don't know what caused it, and I don't know why...but i'm glad it's finally gone!
Hope this helped! Good luck!

True Diamond Shay
they are probably just heat bumps or the measles or something i dont really know!!

my daughter gets that also and it sounds like it could be ezema. if that is the case his skin is really sensitive to perfumes and dyes, soaps, etc.

Have you looked into bedbugs or mites?


My nephew gets the same thing every spring and summer. For three years now they have no clue what it is. I know that's not much help. All the stuff about young children and the "super bug" seem to include some skin rashes/bumps etc. I wouldn't worry about it if he is healthy otherwise though.

could be a heat rash. i used to have those when i was a baby. they usually go away as long as you keep his skin moisturized.

Is it rash like? Like needle point small? Could be a reaction to something. Like soap, lotion, food, perfume, etc. Have you recently changed ANYTHING at home. It could be as small as new cleaning products used to clean around the house or a new air freshener. Maybe a new perfume or cologne by a family member. Skin also reacts to stress. So think of anything, and I do mean anything that has recently changed in his environment. I once cared for a little boy who would get welts all over whenever he was frustrated, ill, or tired. It looked like someone had scratched him all over. But they would go away as soon as his mood was better. So look at all possibilities.

Big Bobby Clobber
Could it be an allergic reaction to something?

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