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 Help Me!!!!!!!?
My skin is very sensitive and i have allergy from sunlight,my face become very dry and rough and my skin of face start fall off by getting dry.

 How long can you?
i have a prescription thats nearly a year old can i go to the chemist to get it or is it too late....

 I have recently had a tattoo and have a problem?
I got a tattoo on tuesday on my back and have been using vaseline to keep it from drying out as directed. On friday i got a really bad rash and its still there all around my tattoo, its awful and ...

 What Are The Symptoms Of Head Lice?

Additional Details
My grand daughter may have them and I'd like to be sure....

 Worried i have head lice, what are some home remedies to get rid of them NOW ! help?
my friend has head lice and lately i have been itchy and was wondering what i can do to get rid of them now ! or over night haha thank you !...

 How can you tame an angry zit?
I am going to a wedding on Saturday with a guy I really like but got a horrible red zit on my cheek like an inch below my eye where it is so noticeable! It isn't as big as it is red. Any tricks ...

 Baby Excema?
my grand-daughter is 10months old and has developed bad excema, all over her body, she tries to itch all the time. Doctor has given her oilatum and a steroid cream. What is the best treatment for her?...

 My HANDS are freakin DRY!!!! ANY TIPS!?!?!!?!?
My hands are cracked beyond reason, I'm self-consience about them, I'm afraid to show them to people. . .anyways, are there any naturally good hand lotions or other ways to prevent the ...

 How do I permanently get rid of a puffy eyelid reaction to makeup?
Just about a month ago, I started to get a reaction to makeup on just one eyelid, which is strange, b/c if it was an allergic reaction, wouldn't both my eyelids be swollen and red? Anyway, I ...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of cold sores?
I'm not sure what category this would be in but I put it in the skin conditions category.....I have a cold sore so how do I get rid of it???...

 Does anybody know good acne cream/facewash that really works?
Because im sick of using acne creams and facewash that don't work....

 How do I get rid of poison ivy?
I have a patch of poison ivy on my arm and it doesn't seem to be going away. I don't think it's bad enough to see a doctor. Any quick solutions?...

 White english doctors?
my local gp surgery has 9 doctors none of them are white im not a racist but why is there no white english ...

 I have a dark circles ar ound my eyes tell me any solutions?

 I have this bump on my toe. And it's looks like a bubble and hurts like hell. I'm not sure what it is?
A round bump, looks like it has liquid in it but not sure, hurts like hell and its like a weird white/tan green. HELP!...

 What is a good body lotion that smells really good?
I need a body lotion that mosturizes, and leaves the best looking skin. But mainly i want it to smell really good, and the smell last throughout the whole day.
Additional Details
not to ...

 I can not get rid of my daughters lice. I tried nix and the mayo treatment. I dont know what to do!?
The nix and mayo treatment didnt work and i do not want to have to shave her head but i really want to eliminate the problem. Does anyone know a treatment that kills the lice and the eggs?

 Please! help! how can i get my acne away?
i have acne and i am tierd of it. does any body know any acne treatment that a dermatoligist recomand for not really senstive skin....

 What is a good remedy for dry eyes?

 Whats the most efficent way to get rid of acne on your back and shoulders?
Im not going to lie and say this is for someone else. I have ance on my lower back and on my shoulders (and obviously on my face...hehe). Whats the most efficent way to get rid of it?...

David S
What causes itchy skin in dogs?


A lot of it is genetics. You can give your dog one fish oil capsule a day and this will help improve their skin and coat. Also when ever you fry hamburger or bacon you can put a tablespoon of the grease in with their food. I have a dog who has bad skin and this is what my vet said to do. It works wonders.

Crap commercial pet food.

ellen degenitals


allergies, or sometimes small parasites that burrow into the skin, or fleas

Dig It
Fleas, mites, food allergies, seasonal allergies, inappropriate shampoos, dry Skin, or ear infections.

If a dog is constantly scratching at one area it could be any of the above, or something totally unrelated, like a tight collar, or something on them they want to get off.

Chewing on feet can be a sign of allergies, a foreign body in the pad, a broken nail, or even joint pain.

I would never recommend bacon grease to be fed to a dog because high fat diets can cause pancreatitis, and you don't want to deal with that.

Sometimes an itch is just an itch...

melinda d
my moms dog have itchy skin and the vet said it is allergies so they have to get shot every now and then.

Dr. L
allergies and/or fleas are the first to consider

mr ed

skin allergy, eczema, fleas go see a vet

Go to the vets and get something called Stronghold; which is a little tube that you squeeze onto the back of the dogs neck.
You may need to get your dog seen by the vet as they usually need antibiotics as well......

dry skin.. add just a few drops of olive oil or veg. oil to dry dog food every other day.

Itchy skin in dogs can be caused by a log of different things. Their skin is more sensitive than ours and they are exposed to a lot of irritants like pollens, grasses, fleas, etc. They can also develop fungal infections on their skin which are very itchy.

Brushing your dog daily will help remove irritants and weekly baths will also help. Since fleas can cause bad cases of dermatitis using a product like Front Line can also be very helpful.

Check with your vet for more information.

do you know me?
Bad dog shampoo

One reason might be not enough oil in the diet. If mere dryness is the problem, a tablespoon of olive oil twice a day mixed into the food can help.

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