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What can i do about sweating under my pits?

Qutubuddin S
Clean hairs, and maintain hygiene.

Famous Gurl
where tank top things in th summer and don`t where that heavy jackets in the winter


Perspiration is normal and healthy, don't try to stop it. What you want to prevent is odor, which is caused by bacteria. Deodorants help with that, there are even some natural ones that work pretty well (see avalonorganics.com and burtsbees.com). Wash regularly, and use a deodorant; you can also try a corn-starch based powder.

Make sure that your clothing isn't carrying odor. Sometimes simply washing doesn't do the trick and you need to pre-treat the underarm area of garments with a concentrated cleaner or anti-enzyme. Under heavy sweaters and clothes, wear a cotton undershirt which you can then wash on hot (with bleach).

Lastly, drink plenty of fresh water. This will help to expel toxins, which means that when you perspire it will be a cleaner 'sweat'. If you still worry about odor, keep some hand wipes that you can clean up with in the late afternoon.

I hope this helps.


Let me do my Bill Clinton: "Ah feel yer payne!" I only sweat two times -- day and night -- but I have found one product that works like a charm: CERTAIN DRI. It's a roll-on that you put on at night before bed and virtually slams your pores shut. You can use deodorant in the morning without worrying about the Certain Dri being less effective. It's not cheap (about $6.00 a bottle) but it works. You can find it at CVS Pharmacy, Rite-Aid, and Walgreen's, just to name a few.

if showering daily and using deoderant doesn't work, ask your doctor about drysol

puddy's lady100%
Hi it's easy for people to say wash and use deodorant.I found that no matter what you do or use that smell ,And the sweat is going to be there.Drink plenty of water.Bathe as much as needed,find different soaps deo,etc.I had this to happen to me No matter what I did I couldn't get rid of this problem.It took me almost a yr.to deal with this and even now when I sweat I pay close attention to this.I know this is embarrassing and most people do no understand this is true,Not because we are not taking care of ourselves things happen.I spent I cant tell you how much money in the health and body section.Good Luck this will pass and you'll Understand where the next person is coming from and may be you can help the next person.

anti-persperant, other than that, you can try never moving.

After thoroughly bathing with deodorant soap, make certain that your underarms are completely dry before applying antiperspirant. Antiperspirant is a drug, so you must make certain that you get a full dose on all parts of your armpit. If you are prone to excessive sweating, wait 5 minutes then apply again. Hope this helps.

Also, take Zinc tablets. i don't know why but my grandmother, who was an herbalist used to say "If you stink, you need Zinc."

somebody great
anti-perspirant/deoderant duh

Get a anti-persperant for one

Baking soda will help also

Use deodorant, or anti-perspirant

Take a shower use deorant man -.-


This is assuming this is a legit question and you have done other things that are not helping.

I get Botox injected into my underarms. It is suppose to make you stop sweating for 6 months (mine doens't last as long). It make me COMPLETELY stop sweating. You might have medical condition called Hyperhidrosis. My insurance covers the Botox as a medical condition. Check out


to find someone near you that does this and to learn more about it.

starfiredi j
That not a trick question use some deoderant dud!

smile i love you.....
anti-persperent, deodorant

shave em and use antiperspirent.this has worked for many including my basketball coach

save your pits ill grow back ticker but no1 is gonna check out your pits

frank m
Move to a cooler climate

Don't know, but if you find out, please tell my teacher, Mr. Shaller.

try a product called certain dri it stings when you put it on but it works

good advice
baby powder +deodorant+reapplying more than once a day= happy pits

Put on a deodorant/anti- persperent(sp). If you're sweating more than normal, talk to your doctor and see what they say...Good luck and stay dry. LOL

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