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What are scabs made of and how do they form?

honda man
scabs are made out of dried blood. If you are a meth user then dried scabs also contain meth, and since meth use causes many bloody sores many meth users end up eating their scabs to get high.

Clotted, dried blood after the cut heals.

Clotted blood.

The blood clot is replaced by granulation tissue. granulation tissue contains capillaries that grow in from nearby areas and lay down a new capillary bed. these capillaries are fragile and bleed easily, as you can see when you pick away at a scab. proliferating fibroblasts in the scab or granulation tissue produce growth factors as well as new collagen fibers to close the wound. as healing continues macrophages move in to digest any blood clots that may still remain and the granulation tissue becomes the scar.


Kris L
A scab is just dried blood that 'builds up' and dries out over the wound as a 'protection' while the wound heals. If you look at 'blood' as it comes out, it 'beads up' ... that is why a scab is 'thicker' than 'fluid blood' ... and it's why the 'blood' makes a 'scab' as a sort of 'bandage' ...

Mostly dried blood cells. When you get a cut, a series of clotting factors is released into the blood stream which causes blood around the cut to get sticky and plug the hole.

iron i think

Congealed blood.

Ewwwww! I'm gonna star you on this one, even though it's gross, it is an excellent question! Ü Here's what I found

"An incrustation over a sore, wound, vesicle, or pustule, formed by the drying up of the discharge from the diseased part."

Diana D
Hi Sweetie,
Dry scabs r made from r own body skin cells 2 form from a cut, the scab is naturally formed as a way of decompasiting a layer of dry layer crust 2 protect r body from infection. It's the scab u must maintain from bacteria,such as pouring on peroxide, puss comes out it's infected. Scab's r protection & a skin layer to heal r wound. lol
LOL, Diana D

scabs are made from these little cells in your blood that when oxygen hits the blood it sends them out and they build up until the hole in the skin is temperarily safe from things getting into your blood, then the skin starts fixxing the skin

Scabs are the body's response to the top layer of skin being removed. They are made of blood and serum that dry once they reach the surface. Both dry very quickly to create a crust to protect the wound. The wound heals underneath. Scabs are kind of like a "Bandaid". Scabs are all dead cells, but they do protect the new ones that are fixing the wound.

a scab is made of platelets that run through your blood

Crossed Palms
Scabs are special blood cells called platelets. Platelets stick together like glue at the cut, forming a clot. This clot is like a protective bandage over your cut that keeps more blood and other fluids from flowing out. The clot is also full of other blood cells and thread-like stuff called fibrin that help hold the clot together. But under its surface, all kinds of things are going on. New skin cells are being made to help repair the torn skin. Damaged blood vessels are being fixed. Eventually, a scab falls off and reveals new skin underneath. This usually happens by itself after a week or two. Even though it may be tough not to pick at a scab, try to leave it alone. If you pick or pull at the scab, you can undo the repair and rip your skin again, which means it'll probably take longer to heal. You may even get a scar. So let that scab sit there — your skin will thank you!

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