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 Why does my skin turn grey when i touch a paperclip to it?
if i rub metal on my arm it turns grey blue!
Additional Details
it cant be makeup or cream because its on my hands and im not wearing anything

and i just tested this (with the ...

 Severely dry chapped skin on lips?
Can anyone reccommend a lip balm for excessively dry lips? Thanks!...

 How to remove moles?

 Does anyone have a good remedy for dry feet?
i'm a diabetic so foot care comes first and i'm very active but at the end of the day my soles on my feet are dry and peeling so does anyone have a good remedy for it?...

 Does sweating affect acne?
i don't get acne that much but after i exercise ( sweating) i get these small bumps. what can i do to prevent them?...

 I Have Acne...I've Been Using Murad Acne Complex, But It's Not Doing Too Much...(PICS) Any Suggestions?

 Horrible thick fungal infected toenail does anyone know a cure?
I don't want to take the tablets that can be prescribed by the doctor because they have serious side effects so does anyone know a home or old fashioned remedy that will cure it....

 Am I extremely ugly?
I dont have any makeyp on or anything. I was in Europe for this, and we were in Greece. It all washed away in the salty water. The acne isnt taht bad anymore. I broke out cuz it was like 105 degrees ...

 How do you expose of a Body?
Speaking Hypothectically
Additional Details
I know its dispose but yahoo checks ?'s and this was teh only way I could get it ...

 I have a big bump on my nose.. is there anythng i can do to make it straighter?

Additional Details
oh and its natural not a pimple
and to make it worse i recently broke my nose and its made it worse!...

 How to get rid of cold sores fast using products around the house..........help?

 How do I get rid of a love bite/hicky?
I have 4 of them on my chest area now i cant wear v-neck shirts...how do i get rid of them faster?...

 My daughter has eczema & her fingers stay raw &cracked.?
I have used steroid crms., lotions, antibiotic creams(Rx), bandaids, elidel, even super glue to hold the cracks together. She uses Dove soap only. What else can I do?...

 Chapped lips?
I have severe chapped lips, I put on lip balm more than twice a day, but it still chaps bad, and i always feel thirsty, and im afraid drink of water because i m afraid of the cold water will damage ...

 How to control dandruff.?

 My boyfriend has...?
small pink patches over the top of his torso/shoulder - not covered his skin totally but patches here and there. It looks similar to psoriasis but don't think that's what it is...he's ...

 Will a stye go away on its own?

 How can I get rid of my acne?
I have moderately severe acne all over my face, and I've recently become self-conscious of it and I want to get rid of it. I just want regular skin without red spots and bumps all over it. I ...

 What's happening to me? It's scary.?
I have tiny, itchy, red bumps on the left side of my stomach. They start right under my belly button on the left side and go all the way up to under my breast(s). They weren't itching me until a ...

 I have blackheads all across my nose~!?
I use wipe thingies for cleaning your face but i still have blackheads~ how do i get rid of them?
Additional Details
how do you squeeze them out?...

Should you bust a blister?
its on the bottom of my foot and extremly sore i cant walk on it ,should i bust it will that stop the soreness or make it worse.
Additional Details
it started small about 2 days ago but now is much bigger

i did it it makes it a lot better

I'd bust it, but don't peel it!!! It's raw skin under there...let it drain, and put some Neosporin and a bandage on it...

burst it but do it with a sterilised needle and put a sterile dressing on it afterwards

yes then put Iodine on it or wee on it

Yes burst it but make sure you steralise the need first, i.e. put a naked flame on it and that will do the trick

it'll initially make it worse, but in the long run it'll go away faster, just so long as you put a band-aid on it so it dosent get infected

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT POP IT. Let it go of its own accord. Don't want to worry you but read an article in a magazine a couple of weeks ago about a woman who popped a blister with a pin after she burned herself on the cooker. Because the pin was unsterilised she ended up contracting a flesh eating bug and consequently she had both her arms and both her legs amputated. I know this is horrid but please don't pop that blister.

LLL H =]
You can burst it man its sore because its got alot of pressure in it also because its damages skin.
If you do burst it though theres a chance that you can get an infection.

It will burst itself once the skin underneath is healed.

It will bust on its own!!! If you do it yourself it may get infected!

leave it, itll make it worse

Don't bust it, leave it alone.

Jesus is the best.
you definately need to see a doctor concerning that, in the summer a young man went through some serious changes and ended up being hospitalized for quite a while, because he sliced some thing off his foot, they said it turned to gangrene and he could have lost his foot, the blister originally formed, because it turned out he had diabetes, which he needed to know.

Opening up a blister opens the door for bacteria to cause infection. On the bottom of your foot, would be easy to catch something. So, I wouldn't.

Shaun the Sheep

don't burst it! Cover with a dry dressing and leave to heal. You are risking infection if you do burst it. Blisters are the body's way of protecting the sore area.

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