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Red, Itchy Dots on Body?
I've had these red, itchy dots on my body for the past week. It's only on my abdomen area and right thigh. First, one part of my body will itch, I'll scratch and then that sparks up these red dots to show up. The itching has subsided and it isn't as bad as it was before. I've been keeping it moisturized because that seems like it makes the itchiness stop. Also, I've been taking some Benadryl Allergy pills (Pharmacist cousin recommended it) and that worked but I don't want to get hooked on it.

Does anyone know what this might be? Or how long until the dots disappear?

Additional Details
Thanks everyone for your advice. I've had chicken pox already (as a kid) and I feel fine. It can't be bed mites because the BF isn't getting itchy red dots. It MIGHT be an allergic reaction to laundry detergent because I've been doing laundry at home and at my mom's house (and I use her detergent). I would go to a doctor but I haven't picked out a PCP yet and when I tried to call, the next available opening is at the end of the month. =(

It sounds like you're allergic to something. Have you been wearing a new shirt or something?

Dear Sister, you can contact DR RAJAN T.D via email and he being an expert dermatologist based in MUMBAI will give you the best opinion. He has been my skin doctor since last 10 and half years and believe me he is an expert in his field. All the best

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water bacteria, put on an alcohol

Megan S
i had this same thing. it went away relatively quickly, a few more days, and you should be fine. just DO NOT itch them.

christy b
Allergic to lotion, body wash etc?????? My guess would be chicken pox check with your doctor.

Rash..Chicken pox I wold get some anti Itch gold bond one time i went tanning and all of a sudden got reallll itchy i got that it has Menthol and it worked fairly well !

poison oak maybe??

Emotionless Shinobi
Have you had the Chicken Pox yet?

Are the dots appearing because you are scratching so hard? If that's the case, you'll just have to wait for it to heal, they should fade in a few days.

stomache and thigh? did you switch laundry soap? or dryer sheets? my dad had an allergic reaction underwear region only from the new dyer sheets mom used.

could also be food allergy, or fleas, or something else in the environment.

my best guess is the laundry tho. that's a sensitive area.

scarlet fever

Rash-see a doctor

If the red dots are flat, it could be a fungus, Tinea Versicolor. The only treatment for this is to go see a dermatologist and get a scrip. for ointment or pills.

mayb its scarlet fever or the chicken pox, might just be a rash though, DONT ITCH them

Sounds like hives or a rash to me...

it could be a sickness slowly developing, usually ur stomach is the first to show signs of skin sickness, it might b the chicken pox, see a doc

my mother gets hives and there caused by stress if there comng crearing up the reapearing the could be this im no doctor but its on thing you could cosider if youve had somthing causing more stress than your use to

Maybe it's the way you shaved you legs, or maybe your bady is sensitive to the soap you use...

I have a ?
It sounds like hives, an allergic reaction to something you ate. You should get an allergy test. If your skin really hurst, take an Aveeno oatmeal bath is very soothing

Gary D
I get the same thing from cat scratch fever...the cat sits on your chest/stomach and the toenails (that have been digging in the litter box) scratch the surface of your skin and innoculate your skin with litter-box bacteria. The bacteria grow and reproduce, casuing itchiness at the site of the scratch.

Check with a dermatologist for a cure. In the meantime, replace your existing litter box completely...both the box AND the litter, and use Hydrocortisone cream to help stop the itching. It works better than Benadryl and doesn't cause any additional issues with dependency or sleep issues.

It could be an allergy to your laundry soap or fabric softener or the fabric your clothes are made from. It could also be excema, but that wouldn't really get better without using Cortisone cream.

could it be poison Ivy? that or chicken pox. have you touched anythin that could have the oils from poison Ivy on it? it could be from the summer. the oils only come out of clothes when washed so a sweatshirt or something from the summer or fall could still be on there. the oils can stay for even a year. have you ever had chicken pox before?

Rachael in Colorado
your first clue was the Benedryl...if they worked then you know you're having a reaction to something, so at this point if you can't pinpoint something specific (a new food or medicine), you should probably see your MD

good luck :)

Hi. Hmmm..this is tricky. I had a similar reaction to bananas. i know it sounds odd, but you never know. they have been one of my favorites for years and years, since i was a kid, in fact. And then one day my body changed it's mind. i had the itchyness and dots all over, beginning in the same area for 9 days. I used Cortizone cream to treat, but it didn't do much.

I can't really give you an appropriate time length approximation because i am not a doctor and i haven't seen the bumps. if they are level with the skin, consider looking at some pics of scarlet fever on the web. If you have this you should see a doctor immediately.

benedryl, like you said is a good temporary solution, but as you already probably know, it won't treat anything or prevent. it just calms symptoms. Look around at some pics or websites on line. You can see a general practitioner to get some advice. You don't have to immediately see some specialist. i would suggest getting allergy tested to be on the safe side if symptoms persist.

My mother has Had a similar reaction towards cats and dogs, both of which she had as a kid with no problem. Sometimes allergies are weird like that.

Just don't let the issue go too long./ you wouldn't want to put yourself at risk for someting serious. let us know if you find out what it is. im intruiged to know. good luck and get well soon!

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