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Raised, red, itchy welt-like spots occur on arms, legs, stomach, and back...what is it?
On and off, for months, I have had red, itchy, raised welts that show up on my arms, legs, stomach, and upper back/neck... usually only 1 or 2 places at a time. And, when every I unintentionally scratch myself, not enough even to bleed, it raises and becomes itchy, then spreads. I don't want to go to a doctor if it isn't serious. Can anyone help?????
Additional Details
I forgot to mention that it just occurs randomly. I will be sitting down, it will happen. I will be working in the yard, it will happen. It's like I can "write on my skin" (I can run my nail down my arm, and it will raise and be very itchy).

well, at first i was gonna say hives, but since it spreads...i'm not quite sure. an allergic reaction maybe? i had an allergic reaction to a facial cream once and the more i itched it the worse it got. i had to see a doc for it, and they perscribed me steriods.

Dustin M
Weird. Sounds like it could be a form of psoriasis. I'd go to your doctor, and see if you can get a dermatology referral. The dermatologist will be able to tell you exactly what is or isn't wrong :)

Sounds like hives, or if you have them when you awake in the morning, I would suspect bedbugs.

?It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to something new. Are you using a new soap or lotion or eating a new food?

Do you use a medication on them when they pop up? Or soak in a tub with some Epsom salts in the water? That might help.


i also have the same problem (but sometimes its in my armpits) my mum is worrying like hell. i don't know wat they are either. sorry. just thought i'd share my experience wid u.

Well it sounds like hives. You are allergic to something and pretty bad. Try to make a note of where you have been, what you have eaten, etc. whenever you get them. If you have been in the forest, in a dusty environment, moldy environment, or eaten a certain food...eggs, shrimp, peanuts, etc.... You should really just go in to an allergist and get checked out. They put about 50 little pin scratches on your back and all sorts of different environmental and food drops on them and which ever ones welt, that's what you are allergic to. Good luck.

Take Benadryl (or any kind of antihistamine...keep it handy at home!!!) whenever you get these welts and see if they go away quickly afterwards. You will have to take it at least twice as prescribed but it should help. If you ever feel tightening of your chest or you can't breathe call 911...your throat could close right up before you know it with some more serious allergies.

My mom did that and was told she had Skin Lupus. You may want to talk with your doctor. It is a simple test of drawing blood to test you.

Go to a doctor in case it's contagious.

I had the same thing. I went to a dermatologist, and i was told it was exema. Go to a really good dermatologist. If it is that (It maybe something totally different) he will give you a cream to help stop the itch.

sounds like you have hives - could be stress, from food, or an allergic reaction to a new detergent. try taking some Benadryl pills when you get them. don't worry, it doesn't sound serious, as hives are very common. if you can't get rid of them you may want to see your dr. so he can determine what is causing them and can give you medication.

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